New OST intern 2017!

Welcom to Hannah who will join us in September

Chris Booth :: Wednesday 9th August 2017 :: This Story

Hannah our intern for 2017Ocean Stars Trust has just appointed HANNAH SHAUGHNESSY as their intern who will start work with the charity from September 2017

"Hi I'm Hannah, and I am looking forward to joining the Ocean Stars trust as an intern in September.

I have recently graduated from University with a degree in International Development, with a key interest in education, and having first heard about Ocean Stars at school,

I thought I would get in touch to learn more about their work. I've previously volunteered for charities for periods of time in Sub-Saharan Africa, I hope I can adapt the knowledge and experiences gained during these trips to help Ocean Stars further there support for communities in Sri Lanka."

Lovely Afternoon Tea

There was a delicious array of sandwiches, scrumptious scones and cream and jam and a mouth watering selection of cakes.

Chris Booth :: Saturday 5th August 2017 :: This Story

24 people attended the Ocean Stars Afternoon Tea at Stockton House Fleet. There was a delicious array of sandwiches, scrumptious scones and cream and jam and a mouth watering selection of cakes. This was followed by games of boules and croquet in the garden. A wonderful afternoon was had by all.

Picture: /files/latest-news/261/w288/charity-afternoon-tea%20%281%29.jpg

Dan's Walk

Fund raising walk from Windsor Castle to Buckingham Palace

Chris Booth :: Monday 24th July 2017 :: This Story


Picture: /files/latest-news/260/w288/windsor-palace.jpg

This October I am going to Sri Lanka as part of the Ocean Stars volunteer team and as a fundraiser I decided to do a walk...

On Saturday 22nd July I set off from Windsor Castle on a walk along the river Thames towards central London with my final destination being Buckingham Palace.  

The first half of the day was very enjoyable as I walked 22 miles passing through picturesque regions of old Windsor and runneymede reaching Hampton Court Palace at 1pm.

Picture: /files/latest-news/260/w288/dan-hampton-court.jpg

Unfortunately in the afternoon the heavens opened and my waterproof jacket was put to good use. I found the 12 mile stretch between Teddington and Putney particularly difficult as the paths were littered with puddles as the rained poured and poured!

Nonetheless I reached Putney where I was greeted by my sister Amali who brought along water, sugary snacks and some much needed encouragement to keep me going.

Thankfully I found some much needed energy and strength and ploughed onto Battersea bridge where I was greeted by the rest of my family and OST trustee Jen.

Picture: /files/latest-news/260/w288/buckingham-palace.jpg

Just 2 miles to go!

As we neared the finish the clouds cleared and the sun broke through. Passing through Chelsea and Victoria station, Buckingham palace still seemed ages away.

And then 14 hours 32 minutes 6 seconds and 42.64 miles later we arrived at Buckingham Palace where I touched the famous front gates to officially end the walk. What relief!

It was a truly gruelling experience but ultimately worth the effort. Having volunteered in Sri Lanka before for OST, I know how important their work is for granting access to education for young people in Sri Lanka.

I would like to thank everyone who donated and encouraged me along way. To my friend Jonny, fellow volunteers James, Jen, Chris and Aidan for walking with me en route and to my family for their support in the final stage.

October will come along very soon and I can't wait to go back to Sri Lanka and work with fellow volunteers on OST's various educational projects.

You can still donate via:



Stockton House Fleet

Come to Afternoon Tea in Aid of Ocean Stars

Chris Booth :: Wednesday 19th July 2017 :: This Story

Why not treat yourself and a friend to a scrumptiousPicture: /files/events/259/w288/ocean-stars-afternoon-tea--poster.jpg
Afternoon Tea
at this lovely venue.

WHEN: Thursday 3rd August 2017
WHERE: Stockton House, Fleet, GU51 4NS
WHAT TIME: 3.30-6.30 pm
WHAT'S ON OFFER: Sandwiches, scones, cakes COST: £20.00 per person

This includes a glass of sparkling wine or non alcoholic drink on arrival.

Car boot fundraiser

Tamzin Nicholas from Calthorpe Park School raises £61.30 for Ocean Stars

Chris Booth :: Monday 10th July 2017 :: This Story

Picture: /files/latest-news/258/w288/tamzin-2.jpg doing a car boot sale on a very hot July Sunday. Well done Tamzin.

Tamzin's Car Boot Tamzin's Car Boot


July 2017 Newsletter

Find out how our sponsored children and pre-school children are getting on in Sri Lanka

Chris Booth :: Saturday 1st July 2017 :: This Story

Picture: /files/publications/257/w288/ost-newsletter-july-2017-1.jpg

Page 1: Amali Bunter, co-opted Trustee, reflects on our work and our impact.
Page 2: Our work with preschools in Sri Lanka. Jennie Dunbar, Trustee, talks about her experience with OST.
Page 3: Our sponsorship programme and impact.
Page 4: Richard Oliver, Calthorpe Park School volunteer, writes about his experience.

View the July Newsletter

Upcoming Trip

With 120 sleeps to go before their Sri Lanka adventure Calthorpe Park students reflect on their trip

Chris Booth :: Tuesday 27th June 2017 :: This Story

Ben Tolmie

I am looking forward to experiencing the people and culture of Sri Lanka. I am not sure how I am going to cope with the heat.

Chris Sutton

I am looking forward to all the amazing activities that we are doing and I am happy and impressed that we broke the £5000 barrier with our fund raising.

Nina Skingley

The £5000 total so far is amazing. I am starting to get really excited about the difference we will be able to make to the lives o the children we will see. As the trip creeps closer our lesson plans are beginning to take shape and I feels like we are going to be ready to arrive in Sri Lanka and get to work.

Yasmin Bascal

I am getting more excited ahead of our trip. I am happy with our fund raising total so far and I am currently planning to do more to help reach our targets including doing Henna and making cards.

Patrick Hogan

I am very excited because it is only 120 days to go until we leave and I am very happy because we broke the £5000 fund raising barrier so we are getting close to our total.

Emma Walker

I feel excited and happy that so far we have managed to reach a total of £5000 for the trip as there isn't that long to go.

Grace Penny

I am very excited for the trip and I am less worried about reaching the final total with our recent progress.


I am really excited about the trip and also excited to see the children's faces when they get the resources we are taking.

Ben Tyler

I think the trip will be great as it will increase my knowledge of different cultures and also be a chance to socialise with people unknown to me.

Lauren Lucas

I am anxious about the length of time away still and cannot imagine being there!! However I am proud of the fund raising I have done so far.

Samantha Griffiths

I am really nervous and I feel like I have a lot left to do in preparation for the trip. I can't imagine being there in 120 days and I can't wait to experience the different cultures. I might be able to bring emotional support to the group.

Sam Usherwood

I am nervous about being away from my friends and the heat in Sri Lanka. Ilay Digreggorio: I am feeling excited for the trip and I am proud of the group for raising £5000.

Anya Thurlow

I am excited for the trip even more now because it is getting close and our lessons have to be fully planned soon.

Glasgow University students head for Sri Lanka

They will be undertaking a marine expedition in Sri Lanka for the first time and helping Ocean Stars too...

Chris Booth :: Tuesday 27th June 2017 :: This Story

They plan to work with our Ocean Stars Projects in Vellaimanal, Trincomalee

This year 8 students from the university, half of which have previously taken part in the Egypt expedition, will be undertaking a marine expedition to the understudied island of Sri Lanka for the first time. The expedition will be based in the harbour town of Trincomalee. Efforts will be concentrated on the coral reefs and their associated fish, invertebrate and planktonic assemblages fringing the area of Trincomalee and Pigeon Island, a marine protected area.

The expedition will be based 2km north of Trincomalee town, in the small coastal village of Uppuveli. Along the coast line of Trincomalee there are coral reefs and sea grass meadows (Dharmaretnam, 2004). The area is known for its naturally deep water port that is accompanied by a coastal multiple canyon system (Young, 2014). The presence of large marine mammals in the area should also be noted and there is a large tourism industry as a result of their presence.

There are regular sightings of Balaenoptera musculus (Blue whales) and Stenella longirostris (spinner dolphins) (Alling, 1991). However, this has also raised issues of ship strikes around the Sri Lankan coastline (Priyadarshana, 2015; de Vos, 3013). Pigeon Island and its associated entry fee generate a considerable amount of revenue for the local wildlife and conservation authorities.

When not working with the expedition the students will be visiting Ocean Stars preschools and nurseries and sharing their love of science by teaching through fun and interactive learning. They will also talk to older students about studying science at University and encouraging them to pursue further studies in science.

Students planning marine expedition to Sri Lanka working with OST

Just Desserts

Postponed - new date tbc - with our apologies

Naomi Booth :: Monday 19th June 2017 :: This Story

An opportunity to sample a selection of luxury desserts whilst supporting Ocean Stars Trust!

The Ocean Stars Just Desserts evening on Friday 30th June has been cancelled. A new date will be announced in due course. With many  apologise from the Ocean Stars Team.

Fleet Methodist Church
7.30pm - 9.30 pm
£10.00 pp
Please put the date in your diary! For more details contact :
Ruth Hughes on 01252 614150
Dilanee on 01252 692248

Charity Quiz Night

Charity Quiz night for Ocean Stars Trust with your quiz master Mike Gardner. This Saturday 24th June

Naomi Booth :: Monday 19th June 2017 :: This Story

Ocean Stars Charity Quiz night.

All Saints Parish Hall, Church Road, Fleet

Picture: /files/events/254/w288/ost-quiz17-poster-24th-june-2.jpg

£10 per head including quiz and pizza!

Tickets available on the door or contact

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