Just Desserts

Book your tickets now for an evening of delicious deserts in Fleet on 30th June

Naomi Booth :: Monday 19th June 2017 :: This Story

Picture: /files/events/253/w288/justdessertposter.jpgOCEAN STARS TRUST
An opportunity to sample a selection of luxury desserts whilst supporting Ocean Stars Trust!
Friday 30th June 2017
Fleet Methodist Church
7.30pm - 9.30 pm
£10.00 pp
Please put the date in your diary! For more details contact :
Ruth Hughes on 01252 614150 ruthhughes@btinternet.com
Dilanee on 01252 692248 dilanee@ntlworld.com

Charity Quiz Night

Charity Quiz night for Ocean Stars Trust with your quiz master Mike Gardner. This Saturday 24th June

Naomi Booth :: Monday 19th June 2017 :: This Story

Ocean Stars Charity Quiz night.

All Saints Parish Hall, Church Road, Fleet

Picture: /files/events/254/w288/ost-quiz17-poster-24th-june-2.jpg

£10 per head including quiz and pizza!

Tickets available on the door or contact


Ocean Stars Charity Gala Evening

17th June 2017 at the Black Horse Pub in Church Crookham Village

Chris Booth :: Wednesday 3rd May 2017 :: This Story

The Black Horse Pub, The Street Crookham Village, GU51 5SJ

Live entertainment

Two course meal from wo course meal from "Tastes of Thailand"

Charity Auction

6pm to 9pm

To purchase tickets for this event please contact Shahana Ramsden

Email: shahanaramsden@yahoo.co.uk

Text: 07423 699346
Tickets: Adults £24 Children £12

Curry Evening

Oceans Stars are holding our annual curry evening in Fleet Methodist Church on Saturday 13th May

OceanStars :: Wednesday 19th April 2017 :: This Story


WHEN:  Saturday 13th May 2017

WHERE: Fleet Methodist Church


WHAT'S ON OFFER: Rice and curry meal, Dessert and Drink.



£10.00 per person

£25.00 Family Ticket


 Picture: /files/latest-news/251/w288/image008.jpgPicture: /files/latest-news/251/w288/curry-night-fleet.jpg

Money raised on the evening will go towards the work of the Ocean Stars Trust in Sri Lanka. Ocean Stars now supports over 600 children in preschool education as well as child sponsorship programmes. Thanks to your support we are able to carry on with the work we do. So please come along and support this event and invite a friend along too. Please contact Dilanee on 01252 692248 or dilanee@ntlworld.com or Ruth Hughes on   01252 614150 or ruthhughes@btopenworld.com   for tickets.

Do your bit while you shop at Waitrose!

To all our supporters in Fleet...

OceanStars :: Monday 27th February 2017 :: This Story

To all our Ocean Stars Fleet Supporters.

Waitrose has chosen Ocean Stars Trust as one of their Community Matters charities for March 2017!

So please make sure you shop everyday at Waitrose in Fleet in March and put your token in the Ocean Stars slot!!

Thank you so much.

Ocean Stars Team

Picture: /files/latest-news/250/w288/image004.jpg

Picture: /files/latest-news/250/w288/image003.jpg

Picture: /files/latest-news/250/w288/image001.jpg

CPS team 2017 second student meeting Monday 9th January

Student comments on fund-raising ideas and feelings about their trip

OceanStars :: Wednesday 15th February 2017 :: This Story

Olivia: I feel confident that we have a large bank of ideas. We now need to come up with a list of resources we need for these activities.

Lyssie: Today we focused more on planning. I think our plans have progressed rapidly as we managed to come up with new ideas.

Tamzin: Getting the activities ready makes it so much more exciting because now are thinking specifically of the children not just the trip itself. I am saving all my old clothes for a car boot sale and I am making cakes for a cake sale.

Nina: I am very excited about planning the lessons for the children and seeing how they unfold. I am also feeling more confident about the lessons having done some planning and brainstorming.

Picture: /files/latest-news/249/w288/volunteer-sri-lanka-t-shirt.jpg

Yasmin: I am really excited about planning our activities. The more we talk the more ideas we think of. I just hope we make sure all of our resources are ready. I am also ready and excited about fund raising and I have some events coming up.

Anya:  I am really excited about teaching lessons because we have brainstormed lots of ideas and should be able to complete the preparations in time.

Emma: I am looking forward to doing all the activities and games with the children. I am also looking forward to seeing their reactions to the activities we do with them. 

Alicia: I am really excited to start planning the activities for the children and teaching them. I have already started fund raising and I have made £50 so far. I have only sold half of the sweets.

Sam: I am feeling a lot better about the fund raising. I need to look into the materials needed for fund raising.

Samantha: I think we have some good activities and ideas that the kids will love!! The fund raising is slow but we have some thoughts about what we can do and have made plans with people to do cake sales and e-mailing companies to ask for donations.

Lauren: I think we have a lot of good ideas and achievable activities for the schools. As far as fund raising goes I am just beginning. I have got some sponsorship for the walk.

Patrick: I did a car boot sale with my mum but we only made £14. I have also sold some of my old things like Lego sets; comics etc and I have now made over £150. Also I am decorating my Auntie's new flat for £50. It is looking good!

Jess: I am really excited to teach the lessons and meet the children but I am a bit worried that we won't have enough resources or they won't enjoy the activities but I think they will.

Grace: I am very excited and feel a lot more confident with what activities I want to with the children. I also have more ideas for fund raising.

Katie: I am excited to teach the children new games and I am feeling a lot more confident about teaching and being in charge.

Ilay: I am really excited for the trip because we have already thought of the activities that we can do and if we plan them properly we could feel up the whole time.

Picture: /files/latest-news/249/w288/students-2017-volunteer-sri-lanka.jpg

Pancake Cafe

In Fleet Methodist Church 25th February

OceanStars :: Friday 10th February 2017 :: This Story


Picture: /files/events/248/w288/pancake-cafe-fleet-poster.jpg

SATURDAY 25.2.16
10.00 AM-1.00 PM
Bring a friend along! We look forward
to seeing you!

Dan Visiting Sri Lanka

Ocean Stars Trustee Revd. Dan Haylett is in Sri Lanka for 10 days

OceanStars :: Monday 6th February 2017 :: This Story

Picture: /files/latest-news/247/w288/dan-in-srilanka.jpgHe is visiting our Ocean Stars Lanka Team on the ground.

On his first day he met members of the Ocean Stars Lanka Committee who support our the work of Diana, Kiruthika, Pooja and Jeraleen.

On Sunday 5th February 2017 Revd. Dan attended a church service at Urani Methodist Church where he spoke about the link that Fleet Methodist Church has set up with Mandur Methodist Church.

During the week Dan will be visiting preschools and collecting data and meeting our new students. 

Ocean Stars Lanka receive their first visitors for 2017!

Dilanee’s Auntie Sakun and Uncle Neville from Toronto Canada...

OceanStars :: Wednesday 1st February 2017 :: This Story

They received a warm welcome when they arrived on Tuesday 31st  January at the Ocean Stars Lanka Office by our Ocean Stars Lanka Team, Diana, Kiruthika, Pooja and Jeraleen. They will be spending two days visiting our projects and getting to know Ocean Stars operations on the ground.

Picture: /files/latest-news/246/w288/img-2318.jpgPicture: /files/latest-news/246/w288/img-2317.jpg

If you are interested in visiting Sri Lanka or any of our projects do get in touch.

The CPS Team - How are they feeling about their fund-raising so far?

The team reflect on their targets, fund-raising and feelings about the trip to Sri Lanka

OceanStars :: Monday 23rd January 2017 :: This Story



Picture: /files/latest-news/244/w288/cps-team-fundraising.jpg

Olivia: Charity cricket match, tuck shop, cake/food sale at summer cricket BBQ. I am excited about fundraising and start building up towards our target. The trip could not come sooner.

Lyssie: Colour obstacle run in Windsor (20th May), football refreshments, cake/food sales. Twelve marathons in twelve months and car boot sales. I feel very honoured to go to Sri Lanka and it is definitely going to be a life changing opportunity.

Tamzin: Car boot sale, infant school events, club events. I am excited about fund raising as I want to push myself to see how much I can raise. I am so excited for our Sri Lanka trip.

Nina: Selling cakes to my swimming team and doing cleaning. I feel motivated about fund raising and more relaxed about it.

Yasmin: Selling handmade cards, car wash, cake/food sale at school and other groups. I am excited about starting to fund raise. I am excited about spending time with people in Sri Lanka.

Anya: Grim Challenge Completed (raised £150) , stall at Farmer's market, summer party, second hand sale. I am looking forward to fund raising and working together with other people to raise money.

Emma: Cake sales, bike rides and mufti days. I am looking forward to fund raising. I am very excited to go to Sri Lanka and work in the schools and see how different the culture is out there.

Alicia: I'm really excited to go on the trip and visit the schools because I really want to help and see what it is like in Sri Lanka.

Chris: Helping out friends, family and neighbours with any jobs that they might have for extra cash. Also want to do the London to Brighton bike ride. I feel more reassured about fund raising.

Alex: Thinking about writing to Velmead school to ask them to do a mufti day, coffee morning. I am no longer worried about fund raising and I am excited about going on the trip.

Kieran: Car boot sales and stalls at school fairs

Sam: Car boot sales, mufti days and cake sales. I feel more confident now about fund raising. I am really looking forward to going to Sri Lanka.

Samantha: I am most looking forward to the elephant orphanage and the Jeep safari. I'm most worried about the fact that I will be homesick and will miss my parents.

Ben: Cake sales, sponsored sport, BBQ, mufti. I am happy to fund raise as I have done it before.

Patrick: Tuck shop, curry night. I feel ok about fund raising and I am looking forward to see how much we will make. I am really excited for the 18th of October.

Jess: Sponsored run (colour dash) cake/ food sales, sponsored swim (Rushmoor synchronised swimming club), donations at dance shows, find a job and ask my parents to fund raise at work. I am excited about fund raising.

Grace: Bag packing, sponsored bike ride/ run. I am more reassured about fund raising now as we can fundraise together and work as a team to come up with ideas and reach our target.

Ben: Bag packing, sponsored run, litter picking, second hand book sale

Katie: Busking, donation at the end of choir concert, cakes sales at parents work and school. I am looking forward to fund raising. I am excited about going to Sri Lanka and can't wait to meet the people and to see the country and its culture.

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