Impaired Hearing and Speech Community Project

This project focuses on helping the children of families where at least one parent has impaired hearing and/or speech difficulties.  Their condition means that it is often more difficult for these parents to find work in the local community.  Ocean Stars tries to help these families by finding sponsor families for their children who are able to support them financially.  The money that the sponsorship scheme provides goes towards education and maintenance costs. It is hoped that this in turn will provide the children with the building blocks they need to progress in life and therefore ultimately provide a better standard of living for their families.

Nursery schools

Ocean Stars  currently supports thirteen nursery schools and over 200 children in the Batticaloa area.  These schools are situated in very poor communities and without Ocean Stars would struggle to provide meaningful pre-school education to the children in this area.  When Ocean Stars first became involved with the schools, they often had little or no resources for the teachers to work with.  Ocean Stars has helped to provide real tangibles such as play equipment, furniture, stationery etc. It has also provided funding for teacher training and enabled link schools peer support schemes with teachers in the UK which helps with the sharing of best practice between the countries.  This has proved hugely beneficial to both to the teachers and the children alike.

Soru pre-school Sri LankaKaraveddy pre-school Sri LankaMandoor pre-school Sri Lanka

We have also fortunate in being able to set up lunch projects in some of the nurseries such that the children are provided with a nutritious meal each day, which is often the only cooked meal that these children receive during the week.

You can read more about the situation and how Ocean Stars is helping a few of these schools in the following locations Addachakal, Kirankulam, Kurumunvely, Little Stars Playgroup and Shining Stars Playgroup.

St. Vincent's School

St. Vincent's is a comprehensive, all-girls school providing a good basic education for their students who are aged between 11 and 18 years. The girls come from very diverse family backgrounds, and work to gain the GCSE and A Level qualifications, with some girls going on to university at the end of their schooling. Their achievements are largely thanks to the extra tuition after school provided by Ocean Stars which helps these girls to reach their potential. Tuition and associated books are expensive, and many families simply cannot afford it.  At present, 18 girls are sponsored to the value of £10 per month by OST supporters and there is currently a waiting list of other girls who would like to benefit from this help.

Pilliyadimunai School in Trincomalee


This school has created a link with Calthorpe Park School in Fleet, Hampshire. Three teachers from CPS spent three full days with this school in a recent visit.