Ocean Stars Lanka Team

Ocean Stars Trust is very fortunate to have dedicated teams of people in Sri Lanka who work tirelessly to ensure all funding is used for its purpose, monitor project activities and provide support to the communities we work in.


Diana first started to work for Ocean Stars as a Play group teacher at Urani Methodist Playgroup in 2007. She left the playgroup in 2009 and for a while taught English to children after school. Diana enjoys working with children. She joined the OSL team as a field worker in 2009. She worked her way up as Deputy Manager and was appointed as Manager of Ocean Stars Lanka on the 1st of September 2015. Diana says she is proud to have been working for Ocean Stars the last 8 years.

Diana likes the fact that Ocean Stars reaches out to remote rural communities in Eastern Sri Lanka and offers the children a good start to their life in the world of education. She says she is very happy to be linked to Ocean Stars. She likes the fact that we visit regularly, send out volunteers and take teams out to visit the projects. It is the personal contacts with Ocean Stars UK which make our work stand out from other NGO's operating in Sri Lanka. Diana would like to say a BIG thank you to all the donors in the UK who have supported our work in the last 10 years. Diana and the rest of the team truly value all the work we do with the children of Sri Lanka reflecting our vision "Empowering Children in Sri Lanka."

Mr BavanMr Bavan

Mr Bavan has worked for Ocean Stars for 9 years. He likes the work that OSL does and it gives him the opportunity to do social work for his fellow people. He feels that our emphasis on education will help the current generation grow up with hope and expectations of a better life. He values the work we do with playgroups and the face that OSL works in very remote areas giving children access to preschool education. Lots of remote villages in the eastern province have buildings donated by major NGO'S but there has been no sustainability and a lot of the buildings are now unoccupied. Mr Bavan likes the fact that we visit the OSL team and the preschools regularly and that we focus on building relationships with the people in Sri Lanka.


Kiruthika started working for Ocean Stars in May 2015. She has been linked with Ocean Stars from the very beginning going back to 2005. Kiruthika was sponsored by a family in the UK from 2005 and we have watched her grow into a mature and confident young lady. Her dream is to go to University to study English. She is currently working for OSL. She acts as a translator and helper on UK Team visits to Sri Lanka.


Pooja started work for Ocean Stars Trust in 2015 September. She was separated from her parents during the war but is now reunited with her mum. She was unable to access an education during the war and is very grateful to Ocean Stars for offering her a chance in life. She works at the office and does all the admin work required for Ocean Stars Lanka. She has also enrolled in English classes and enjoys having visitors from the UK.

Life in the OSL Office

Diana in OSL OfficeMap of the eastern region

Diana in OSL Office with Map of the eastern region in the background showing location of OSL projects.
Map of the eastern region in the background showing location of OSL projects.


OSL staff with computer for office donated by OST UK 

A working day in the officePlaygroup teachers meeting at the OSL office

A working day in the office and a playgroup teachers meeting at the OSL office