Ocean Stars Lanka Team

Ocean Stars Trust is very fortunate to have dedicated teams of people in Sri Lanka who work tirelessly to ensure all funding is used for its purpose, monitor project activities and provide support to the communities we work in.

Arunasalam Sutharshan


My name is Arunasalam Sutharshan. I am 39 years old and I have a BA honours Degree in Geography. I am married and I have two children. I am the planning officer Operations and Monitoring for the Divisional Secretariat for the Eastern District of Sri Lanka.  With my work as Planning Officer I have been involved with Ocean Stars Trust since 2006. I have seen the valuable work they do for your communities and the opportunities they provide for our children. I decided that I would like to offer my time to work for Ocean Stars Lanka and I was very grateful when I was offered the post of Director Operations and Monitoring to be engaged more directly with the work of  OSL.

My dream is to make Ocean Stars Lanka the Number one NGO in Batticaloa and the Eastern region. I thank you for giving me this opportunity to serve the communities of eastern Sri Lanka. I believe that education is a route out of poverty and being able to facilitate Early Years education thorough Ocean Stars Lanka is a great privilege for me.

Nerujan Nesarajah

Project Manager

My name is Nerujan Nesarajah; I am 25 years old and the Project Manager at Ocean Stars Lanka.  I have two older sisters, one with two children and the other got married in December 2017.  I live with one of my sisters, her husband and two children.  My mother lives with my other sister and her husband.  My father passed in 2003.

My qualifications include Computer Application Assistant and Computer Hardware Technician both at NVQ Level 3, and Computer Network Technician, NVQ Level 4.  I also have a Higher National Diploma in Information Technology.

From January to December 2014 I was an ICT Lecturer (VIT Educational System) and then from December 2015 to December 2016 was the IT Manager at OSL Hope House.  In 2017 (January to December) I was a Computer Networking Technician (Access Network).

I re-joined OSL on January 5th 2018 as the Project Manager (Link School Manager, Hope House Manager and IT Manager).  I am very happy to work with the OSL team.  I am really enjoying the work and very proud of the OSL projects.  I hope that by 2019 OSL is one of the best NGOs in Batticaloa and I give my full support and hard work to the work of OSL.

Mr Bavan

Treasurer (Volunteer)

My name is Mr Bavan and I am the Treasurer for Ocean Stars Lanka. I am 54 years old and married with one daughter and one son. After studying for 'A' levels I became qualified as a Librarian and now work in the Batticaloa Public Library.

I have been working for OSL since 2009. I enjoy working with OSL especially supporting the sponsor children, pre-schools and teachers. OSL has lots of programmes which help children and their families.


Preschool and Sponsorship Management

My name is Pooja and I will be 21 in May 2018. I have two brothers and live with my mother and younger brother. My older brother is married with one son. I did my 'A' levels in 2013 and then stayed at home for two years to look after my family because my mother went to work in Saudi Arabia. I joined OSL in 2015 and started working as office staff. I am now the Pre-school and Sponsorship Manager. I like my job and I am helped by Chitra. I enjoy meeting the sponsor children and visiting pre-schools, and I now know all the teachers.


Office Manager

My name is Chitra and I have been working for OSL for just over one year.  I started as a Translator on the October 2016 trip and became permanent office staff in January 2017 when I was an office worker.  I am now the Office Manager.  I left school at 15 years old and this is my first job.  I am 62 years old and have a husband, three grown-up children and 5 grandchildren.  What I enjoy most with working for OSL is the team work with the other staff.