100 Mile Cycling Challenge

Janine and Jo taking on this challenge to raise funds for Ocean Stars Trust

OceanStars :: Sunday 9th June 2019 :: This Story

You can help Janine Dunbar raise money for this great cause by donating directly to their fundraising page.


"Jo and I wanted to combine a new personal challenge with supporting the vital work of Ocean Stars Trust in Sri Lanka, where it works to 'Inspire Children Through Education. 

The funds we raise will go towards supporting children, families and teachers in some of the poorest areas of Sri Lanka where OST projects are based.

Sadly, Ocean Stars projects have been further affected by the Easter Sunday bombings. It has been a very difficult time for the communities supported by the charity.

The work of Ocean Stars Trust has a long-term and ongoing commitment to empower children and families from all backgrounds across Sri Lanka, bringing light to education and to every life."

JustGiving sends your donation straight to Ocean Stars Trust so that we can put your generosity to good use!

Sewing teacher married

Ocean Stars sewing teacher Krisha who works at Hope House 1 and 2 got married today.

OceanStars :: Friday 31st May 2019 :: This Story

Picture: /files/latest-news/343/w288/ost-wedding2.jpgOur staff in Batticaloa attended the Hindu wedding and celebrations. The UK Trustees would like to congratulate Krisha and Sanjeeva on their marriage and we send them our Good Wishes.

Picture: /files/latest-news/343/w288/ost-wedding3.jpgPicture: /files/latest-news/343/w288/ost-wedding.jpg

Dan's Adventure in Sri Lanka

Dan Bunter has just set off on his 174 day adventure to Sri Lanka.

OceanStars :: Tuesday 28th May 2019 :: This Story

He will be carrying out a study on social and economic impact to compliment the livelihoods study he and Zeddy Kibet carried out last year.

This study will be part of Dan's dissertation for his MSC in Impact Evaluation at UEA (University of East Anglia).

Zeddy Kibet is returning to Sri Lanka from Kenya? to carry on her work as our monitoring and evaluation manager.

We send them both our best wishes as they begin their projects in Sri Lanka!

Dan's trip to Sri LankaZeddy's  trip to Sri Lanka

Fleet Rotary Club Fun Walk

Fund-raising with a fun walk

OceanStars :: Tuesday 7th May 2019 :: This Story

Fleet Rotary Club Fun WalkA group of 20 students and teachers from Calthorpe Park School completed the Fleet Rotary Club sponsored  walk raising money for Ocean Stars as well as using the occasion to bond as a team before their forth coming trip to Sri Lanka in October 201.

The group has so far raised a total of £5000 for the work of Ocean Stars Trust in Sri Lanka.

Trip Team Meetings

How are the preparations going and what are their thoughts after the Easter Sunday Bombings?

OceanStars :: Friday 3rd May 2019 :: This Story

Calthorpe Park School Team

OST Callthorpe Park School Team

"Today, we carried on planning and now have to prepare for presenting our ideas. We also got updated from Dilanee after the terrible bombings on Sunday. But I am still really looking forward to the trip."

"The Easter weekend bombings in Sri Lanka have just made me more determined to help! I want to be there to support the children. We are also preparing for more fundraising with an upcoming fun walk and bag pack. Our total is around £5000."

"We started todays session addressing the tragic bombings that occurred during Easter. Then we spent the rest talking in our groups about our activities and fundraising ideas."

"Today, we had another meeting, 4 days after the horrific bombs in Colombo and Batticaloa. Despite this, we are still determined to continue our plans and, in the meantime, we hope that Sri Lanka returns to being the lovely, peaceful country that it is."

"We feel now more than ever that the schools need our help. We are all very determined to do all we can for Sri Lanka, especially the children in Colombo and Batticaloa."

 "Glad to hear that the trip is still on, more excited than ever and I am super ready for the fun walk! My group and I are wholly ready and can't wait!"

"Happy to raise a lot. Hopefully, I can get the activities ready and get all resources I need for it sorted. Also, hopefully the situation in SL recovers."

"Again, we looked at the activities that we are going to do in the school. Despite recent events I think we are still determined as a team and have hope that we will still be able to go to Sri Lanka. We had a look at how much we have raised so far as a team and we also have our Fleet Fun Walk coming up which should be a good opportunity not only to raise money but get to know other people."

"We talked about how we are going to Sri Lanka and are more determined than before after last week! My group and I went through our activities and thought up more ideas."

"With the bombings having just happened it makes me even more determined to raise as much money for Sri Lanka and prepare fun activities for the children we will meet. I am excited for the Fleet Fun Walk and hoping we will raise lots of money for it. I cannot wait to get to Sri Lanka."

It was really sad to talk about last week's events, but we are all determined to go and help the children. We have a couple more ideas of what our trip will be like and as it's getting more closer it's getting more exciting.

"Despite all the terrible things that have recently happened in Sri Lanka, we are still keeping our heads up and hopefully we will sill be going. We just finished our last in-school activity planning session and I think w have finally decided on most (if not all) or our activities now. We've raised £5000 already, so only £4000 left to raise!"

"It was so nice to hear that our total will be going to build a playground for the pre-school. We also think that we will hit our fundraising target sooner than we thought!"

Planning meeting

Team 2


"Happy to receive further information about our role in pre-schools- all do-able and I'm now less apprehensive about it.

Obviously concerned by recent events in Sri-Lanka and how it affects local people and also wondering if it will impact on the trip? Impressed by other peoples fundraising efforts."

"The tragic evens of the weekend have thrown some uncertainty into the group. I feel that what Ocean Stars do is more important than ever, so I will continue to pray that a stable situation in Sri Lanka will allow our trip to proceed. The practice for the pre-school sessions has made me even more excited. I can't wait to meet and get to know the children we will visit!"

"At first I had concerns because of the bombings, but listening to the rest of the group really encouraged me that what we're doing is very important, maybe even more so after what has happened. Hearing about the pre-school morning activities in detail was exciting and I can't wait to spend time with these children – the ideas of providing an experience for them which will make them happy makes me feel very grateful for this experience."

"This meeting has been quite different given the situation currently in Sri Lanka. I feel that what we are planning and preparing for is more important than ever and we are moving forward in he hope of peace and stability in Sri Lanka."

"Sincerely hope after all that has gone on that our trip goes ahead. I love all the preparations which we rehearsed tonight and encouraged that it will be a great and happy visit. Pray that the people of Batti get over their ordeal."


Easter Sunday Appeal

We have launched our Easter Sunday Appeal and delivered our first relief for families involved

OceanStars :: Monday 29th April 2019 :: This Story

Following the Easter Sunday events in Sri Lanka, we would like to thank everyone for your kind messages of concern and support. It has been a very difficult time for our staff and for the communities we work in.

It is only now that our staff on the ground have been able to assess the immediate needs of those affected. Following meetings with Directors of Batticaloa Hospital we have together identified urgent medical and non-medical supplies to help those affected.


Ocean Stars providing relief to Easter Sunday families in Sri Lanka
Ocean Stars providing relief to Easter Sunday families in Sri Lanka.

We are now launching an appeal for funds to support our Easter Sunday response. This appeal will finish on 31st of May 2019.

Donate via PayPal

Other ways to Donate

This special appeal is part of our long term and ongoing commitment of our work to empower children and families from all backgrounds across Sri Lanka, bringing light to education and to every life.  Thank you for your support.


Partnership with Sunny-sid3 Up

Ocean Stars has launched a new Partnership with Sunny-sid3 up a Glasgow based charity.

OceanStars :: Thursday 25th April 2019 :: This Story

We welcome their support for our work.

Together we have already:

  •     provided 100 food parcels to Ocean Stars families living below poverty line as identified by social services
  •     linked Sunny-sid3 up with Kancharikudah preschool  and 50 children's education experience has been enhanced
  •     our teachers who work tirelessly were rewarded with a bonus in January
  •     been able to give our 45 teachers a monthly pay rise
  •     provide transport for our staff to visit our preschools monthly for monitoring and attending parent meetings

CPS Trip Meeting

Find out what they have been talking about...

Naomi Booth :: Thursday 28th March 2019 :: This Story


  • Today we carried on making some plans for when we get there, we also came up with some more ideas like paperclip bracelets. We also found out about some changes that have been made to where we are going.
  • We talked about fundraising ideas and more activities for the schools. We have decided to make models of our crafts.
  • Hopefully in the next meeting we will have a go at one of the crafts. I'm really excited. As well as that we need to start thinking about the equipment we will use/need to take with us. Planning the activities makes the trip feel even closer. I can't wait for the trip in October!

Picture: /files/latest-news/336/w288/ost-film-night2.jpg

  • Today we added to the list of activities of which we will be presenting soon. We made a team mascot too for our group, group five. I need to find out which vaccinations I need to get for Sri Lanka soon too, which is a bit scary, but I'm sure I'll survive. Not looking forward to it though!
  • We were given gorgeous keyrings today. They were made from paper and glitter and are stunning.
  • We've made a lot more progress today, it's going to be so much fun!
  • We talked about the changes in the itinerary and we made changes and added to our ideas and plans.

Picture: /files/latest-news/336/w288/ost-meeting.jpg

  • So today we started to plan our fundraising ideas and we may be collaborating with Romana, Emily and Abby.
  • I am excited to do the curry night and raise a lot of money hopefully it goes well.
  • Super excited to be at the meeting. Time has passed so quickly, and I can't wait to get fund raising later.
  • We have come up with more ideas for our activities at the schools and were really excited to do them in Sri Lanka. It's getting closer to October and our trip. I'm so excited and can't wait to go!

Picture: /files/latest-news/336/w288/ost-film-night%20%281%29.jpg

"Maisie organised a film evening as her fund raising for Ocean Stars Trust. 40 children and adults enjoyed a karaoke evening performance of the Showman"

  • I'm really pumped up for the trip we are getting closer and closer to the date and I can't wait we are also having good ideas now.
  • Today we continued to plan for the activities. I know I say this very time, but it really does feel so close and every day becomes more and more exciting as the countdown continues.
  • Today we received these really delicate and pretty keyrings! We also came up with another activity that we will present to the rest of the group at a later date. I am quite nervous about the upcoming vaccinations.

Picture: /files/latest-news/336/w288/ost-film-night4.jpg

OST 2019 Trip Team 2

Reflections from their meeting

Naomi Booth :: Thursday 28th March 2019 :: This Story


 It is lovely to have a clear picture of where we are going in Sri Lanka – even if the thought of the longer journeys are a bit daunting! I am looking forward to helping in the pre-schools and have lots of ideas starting to form – I love to sing and read stories so this is definitely within my comfort zone.

After hearing about all the things that we'll be doing in the mornings at the preschools I'm really excited to be there doing it.

 It seems like it's going to be a lot of fun to come up with the games and activities to go with the theme.

Team 2 meeting

Looking at the programme for the trip in more detail brings back lots of memories from last year. It's really exciting to be thinking about how we can bring the story to life and what activities we can develop this year. Its lovely to get to know the team better each time we meet.

I got a flavour of what to expect and what's expected from me. Ideas that need to be expanded re book theme/trains. Activities for children and ways to convey to them. Adapting for children- songs etc.


Success for Spiderman

Suitably kitted out in his Spiderman attire, Mark Blackwell completed the Fleet Half Marathon on Sunday 17th March in just under 1 hour 55 minutes. A great feat!!!

Naomi Booth :: Thursday 21st March 2019 :: This Story

Mark is chair of the management committee of Fleet Baptist preschool  which has supported Little Stars  preschool in Batticaloa Sri Lanka for the past 8 years.  Now, thanks to his efforts on Sunday, another £150 has been raised to help provide essential resources and equipment for Little Stars.

Thank you Mark and everyone at Fleet Baptist Preschool – we're delighted to be working with you!!!

Picture: /files/latest-news/335/w288/spiderman.jpg

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