Teacher Training Workshop

A 3 day Teacher Training Workshop for 70 pre-school leaders

Naomi Booth :: Wednesday 24th July 2019 :: This Story

Ocean Stars is organising a teacher training seminar for 3 days for 70 preschool teachers some of whom travelled over 10 hours to attend.

The opening ceremony was reported in the Batti news on Friday 19 July. The project was organised by Ocean Stars UK and funded by Fonthill UK and Sunny-sid3 up.

The teachers are delighted to be able to be together and learn from each other as well as attend workshops.

Zeddy presenting awardDan presenting awardDilanee presenting award

Mrs Kalavelly led the preschool training on all the admin required by the preschool bureau. These included registers for attendance, minutes of parents meetings , teachers attendance , special needs records, resources inventory.

Admin requirementsWorkshop attendees


Alfie fund raising for 2020!

Alfie who is planning to volunteer with Ocean Stars in 2020 has already started fund raising.

Naomi Booth :: Wednesday 10th July 2019 :: This Story

Alfie's fund-raisingHe held an afternoon tea with a photo quiz and balloon modelling competition and raised over £500 in the process !

Well done Alfie.

If you would like to volunteer with Ocean Stars in 2020 October then please get in touch with us: oceanstarstrust@gmail.com

We look forward to hearing from you.

Balloon modelling workshopFood!Balloon modelling workshop results

Visiting Sri Lanka High Commission, London

Ocean Stars is hoping to take a group of students from Calthorpe Park school in Fleet to the High Commission in the autumn.

Naomi Booth :: Tuesday 9th July 2019 :: This Story

Dilanee with Mr Abdul Haleen and Mr Sam CoorayDilanee OST Founder spent the day at the Sri Lanka High Commission in London and met Mr Abdul Haleem Counsellor for Political and Public Affairs and Mr Sam Cooray Third Secretary for Education.

Dilanee at the Sri Lanka High CommissionThe High Commission supported Ocean Stars UK with their application to register Ocean Stars Lanka as a Government NGO in Sri Lanka. Mr Sam Cooray is also very supportive of the work Ocean Stars does with UK preschools, primary and secondary schools promoting cultural understanding between young people. Ocean Stars is hoping to take a group of students from Calthorpe Park school in Fleet to the High Commission in the autumn.

Ocean Stars is delighted to have the support of the SL HC in our work empowering children through education in Sri Lanka.

Ruby's Movie Night

At Fleet Methodist Church. £5 meal deal includes pizza or hotdog, popcorn, ice-lolly and a drink

Naomi Booth :: Monday 8th July 2019 :: This Story

Picture: /files/events/349/w288/ost-movie-night.jpgCome and watch Minions!

To book your seat and pre-order your meal deal email families@fleetmethodist.org.uk

All proceeds from refreshments to Ocean Stars!


Jo and Janine's bike ride

This is how it went...

Naomi Booth :: Tuesday 2nd July 2019 :: This Story

Picture: /files/latest-news/346/w288/ost-edinburgh.jpgPicture: /files/latest-news/346/w288/ost-bike-ride.jpgPicture: /files/latest-news/346/w288/ost-selfie.jpgPicture: /files/latest-news/346/w288/ost-with-bikes.jpg

Picture: /files/latest-news/346/w288/ost-swan%20%281%29.jpgPicture: /files/latest-news/346/w288/ost-horse-drawn-barge%20%281%29.jpgPicture: /files/latest-news/346/w288/ost-cathedral%20%281%29.jpgPicture: /files/latest-news/346/w288/ost-bristol-copy.jpgPicture: /files/latest-news/346/w288/ost-devizes%20%281%29.jpg

Newsletter June 2019

Welcome to our latest edition of news from the Ocean Stars Trust. There have been many significant developments to report in the six months since our last publication, and I hope you will find all our news in the following pages of interest.

Naomi Booth :: Friday 28th June 2019 :: This Story

We have been blessed this year so far by the partnership of two UK charitable trusts - Glasgow's Sunny-Sid3up, and the Fonthill Foundation from Sussex, whose generous donations have enabled us both to complete several long-awaited capital building projects, and to hit our target in developing teaching and learning in our 21 OST-sponsored preschools.

In addition, with committed new staff in our OSL team in Batticaloa, we feel we have good capacity on the ground to oversee these important developments. I was able to observe for myself some of the progress made in these projects when I visited Batticaloa, Trincomalee and Yatiyanthota with Dilanee in April, and I was very impressed by what had been achieved, what with, for example, one school in Mandoor now no longer having to struggle with a leaking roof and lack of kitchen area, another with a good gate which now prevents animals from invading their premises.

The advances that teachers had been making in recording children's progress we saw at one of the pilot schools was quite remarkable as the Child Development Project had only begun in the new year. We returned on Good Friday to the UK, thoroughly unprepared forthe shocking news of the Easter Sunday massacres in western SriLankan hotels and churches, and at the Zion Church in Batticaloa. OST launched the UK OST Easter Sunday Appeal. We have been able to make a real difference to the victims in Batticaloa thanks to the generous response to our appeal. Our OSL team has shown amazing initiative and compassion in supporting victims at the hospital in Batticaloa, using monies we have sent from our recent Appeal to carry on the work of OST inspite of such atrocities, and we have been in constant touch. With this in mind, I thank you, dear readers and supporters, for your continuing support for all our work. I have seen for myself the consummate gratitude from our target Sri Lankan Communities forthis, and it is awe-inspiring.

Download Newsletter


Ocean Stars Trust had their AGM on Thursday 27 June

Naomi Booth :: Friday 28th June 2019 :: This Story

Picture: /files/latest-news/352/w288/ost-agm%20%281%29.jpgSeveral Friends of Ocean Stars attended and talked about their role in the charity.

We are very grateful to everyone who give so generously if their time in our vision of creating a Sri Lanka where children have equal opportunities.

If you are interested in becoming a Friend of OST please contact us!

100 Mile Cycling Challenge

Janine and Jo taking on this challenge to raise funds for Ocean Stars Trust

OceanStars :: Sunday 9th June 2019 :: This Story

You can help Janine Dunbar raise money for this great cause by donating directly to their fundraising page.


"Jo and I wanted to combine a new personal challenge with supporting the vital work of Ocean Stars Trust in Sri Lanka, where it works to 'Inspire Children Through Education. 

The funds we raise will go towards supporting children, families and teachers in some of the poorest areas of Sri Lanka where OST projects are based.

Sadly, Ocean Stars projects have been further affected by the Easter Sunday bombings. It has been a very difficult time for the communities supported by the charity.

The work of Ocean Stars Trust has a long-term and ongoing commitment to empower children and families from all backgrounds across Sri Lanka, bringing light to education and to every life."

JustGiving sends your donation straight to Ocean Stars Trust so that we can put your generosity to good use!

Sewing teacher married

Ocean Stars sewing teacher Krisha who works at Hope House 1 and 2 got married today.

OceanStars :: Friday 31st May 2019 :: This Story

Picture: /files/latest-news/343/w288/ost-wedding2.jpgOur staff in Batticaloa attended the Hindu wedding and celebrations. The UK Trustees would like to congratulate Krisha and Sanjeeva on their marriage and we send them our Good Wishes.

Picture: /files/latest-news/343/w288/ost-wedding3.jpgPicture: /files/latest-news/343/w288/ost-wedding.jpg

Dan's Adventure in Sri Lanka

Dan Bunter has just set off on his 174 day adventure to Sri Lanka.

OceanStars :: Tuesday 28th May 2019 :: This Story

He will be carrying out a study on social and economic impact to compliment the livelihoods study he and Zeddy Kibet carried out last year.

This study will be part of Dan's dissertation for his MSC in Impact Evaluation at UEA (University of East Anglia).

Zeddy Kibet is returning to Sri Lanka from Kenya? to carry on her work as our monitoring and evaluation manager.

We send them both our best wishes as they begin their projects in Sri Lanka!

Dan's trip to Sri LankaZeddy's  trip to Sri Lanka

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