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TIME: 10.00- 1.00 PM    2.00-5.00 PM

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October Trip to Sri Lanka

Meet the OST teams visiting Sri Lanka this Autumn.

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OST TEAM 2 2016

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Ocean Stars Variety Show Review

The 9th Ocean Stars Variety show was held on Saturday 8th October at Fleet Methodist Church at 6.00 pm.

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There were 21 acts that provided an amazing evening of talent and entertainment. Over £650 was raised for the work of Ocean Stars.

A BIG BIG thank you to all the performers, helpers and audience for making this annual event such a success.

Here is the programme for you to enjoy!

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Morgan visits in Baticaloa

Before I left for Sri Lanka, I'd arranged to do some volunteer work for Ocean Stars Trust (OST).

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OST are a children's charity, founded in 2005 to support underprivileged children, families and communities in Sri Lanka following the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami.

I left Trinco and arrived in Batticaloa (Batti; where OST are based) following a rare comfortable bus journey. Diana and Kiru welcomed me with beaming smiles before taking me to my guesthouse, which was nestled among the windy, dusty backroads of Kallady. We talked through the plan for the next four days. I was to visit three 'projects' (a secondary school and two preschools) where I'd assist in lessons.

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Read my full report at:


My first two days with OST were eye opening, sad, fun, interesting and intriguing. To have 10 year olds speak so frankly about their home hardships was initially hard to take. However, seeing their pearly whites shine as I we played games and I told them about home reminded me the kids were in good hands at school. It was a chance for the children to learn, have fun, be kids. Amazingly, many of the children's parents still need convincing that school is worthwhile. As well as the standard curriculum, in which the children are taught nine subjects, I'm convinced a tie with a foreign school – thanks to OST – can only help in educating the parents, for their children benefit from visits from people like myself.

Fabulous Cake Sale

On Sunday 25th September Amy and Sophie held an Ocean Stars Trust afternoon tea at Amy's parent's house to raise money for the October trip to Sri Lanka.

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There were a delicious and huge range of cakes, sandwiches, tea and coffee, baked by friends and family. It was a great opportunity to talk about the amazing work Ocean Stars does and to share what we will be doing during the trip with everyone that attended and so kindly donated money to the charity!

An amazing £330 was raised!

We also had a slide show of all the photos Sophie took last year so everyone could see what ocean stars does.

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Christmas Craft Event

At which you will make three cards, have fun and raise money for a worthwhile cause.

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In aid of Ocean Stars
On Saturday 15th October at
Church on the Heath,
Elvetham Heath GU51 1HA

10am-12.30 pm

Cost: £10

For which you will make three cards, have fun and raise money for a worthwhile cause

Refreshments will be provided

There will be a raffle with some great prizes

To book your place please contact

Christine: 01252 647237

Or Tracey-Anne: 01252 786371

A Volunteers Story

Shiva Logarajah (Third Year Law Student at Columbia Law School, New York, New York, USA) talks about his experience volunteering for Ocean Stars in Sri Lanka....

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Picture: /files/latest-news/232/w288/volunteer.jpgOcean Stars ("OST") was an organization that I had only fleeting contact with before my first trip to Sri Lanka in August 2016.  Despite this, Dilanee and the OST Team went out of their way to organize a trip to visit some of their projects while I was there.  I visited the Mahadeva Children's Home in Killinochi, nurseries in the Batticaloa area (Amaplanthurai, Nallur & Karaveddy), and the Hope House in Amaplanthurai. 

On the whole, I was thoroughly impressed with the difference OST was making in people's lives in areas that have been devastated by war and natural disaster.  What really stuck with me was the fact that OST was going beyond the "life-support" aid that many of us tend to associate with NGOs operating in these sorts of environments.  The work OST was doing was, in fact, empowering people--particularly women and children--to be able to help themselves and their communities. 

I was born in the United States to Sri Lankan Tamil parents, and I have always been keenly aware of the suffering that people in Sri Lanka have endured after years of war and natural disaster.  OST is doing remarkable work--in a compassionate and well-appreciated manner--to help turn the page for many of these communities, and I look forward to supporting OST as it continues to assist people in Sri Lanka.


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Pub Quiz @ The Black Horse

Fantastic quiz night in Crookham Village

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Morgan Applegarth prepares to volunteer for Ocean Stars in Sri Lanka

The first is slightly selfish. For years, I've wanted to go travelling; to quit my job, fill a backpack and see the world. But, with my career and other commitments the chance never really surfaced - until now.

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Long story short, I've quit my job, bought a backpack and am now planning to see the world.
I've always wanted a purpose to my travels that went beyond sampling the best beach bars in Southeast Asia. I wanted to do some good, give something back and experience day-to-day life of other cultures.
The second factor is my first (and, so far, only) visit to Sri Lanka. In December 2015, I toured the country with my sister and brother in law with help from a local guide. One of the many highlights of the trip was spending time with our guide, who shed light on many aspects of Sri Lankan culture. A topic that came up occasionally was the 2004 tsunami and how areas we were visiting were still coming to terms with that fateful event.
Hearing tales from a proud Sri Lankan about the devastation caused and driving through towns that were shadows of their former selves really humanised the scenes that I'd seen on TV. The more we talked about the tsunami's impact and the longer I spent in the country, the stronger my feelings toward the event grew. The stories and scenes were sad and I didn't like hearing or seeing them about a country I was quickly growing to love.
In planning my travels, I decided Sri Lanka would be my first destination. I spoke with a friend who's not only well travelled in the country but involved with OST. Knowing my motives for travelling she suggested I read up on, and got in touch with, OST.
I took her suggestions and learned about OST; what its done and continues to do. Not only was I impressed, but drawing on how I felt during my December trip I wanted to get involved. OST seemed like the perfect opportunity to give back to communities of a wonderful country, once so wrongly hurt.
I'm really looking forward to visiting OST projects in Batticaloa and am sure this is the start of a long relationship between myself and the charity.

Getting Active on fun day in aid of Ocean charity

Money to 'make a real difference' to children in Sri Lanka

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Children have been treated to a day of fun in aid of a local charity.

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Everyone Active's Hart Leisure Centre, in Fleet, hosted a family fun day in aid of  Ocean Stars Trust.

Sandra Stokes organised the day and said "Having spent more than 30 years working with children under the age of five, I wanted to help young people in other countries benefit from better opportunities"

See the full report from Fleet News Wed 20th July