Visiting Sri Lanka

Find out about Jenny Dixon's experience volunteering for Ocean STars in Sri Lanka

OceanStars :: Thursday 5th January 2017 :: This Story

At half term I had the privilege of joining a group of 35, including 18 youngsters and 4 teachers from a secondary school in Fleet (team 1), who went to work with a charity called Ocean Stars, based in Batticola in east Sri Lanka. I was part of team 2, who visited the 15 pre-school groups funded by the charity in remote areas where the is otherwise no provision for free early schooling.

The Ocean Stars Trust was started after the Boxing Day tsunami of 2004, when the whole of the east coast of Sri Lanka was affected by this while still suffering in the Civil War with the Tamil Tigers. More than 5000 people lost their lives in Sri Lanka in the tsunami. Team 1 worked in secondary Schools, bringing fresh ideas, enthusiasm and laughter into lives devastated by events. In 2 school half the students were left as orphans and 1 teacher lost the whole class. The school had to be rebuilt and a counsellor is always on duty.

Team 2, working in pairs, each spent a morning in a pre-school group, basing songs, games and craft work on the story 'Rainbow Fish', which was read by us and translated by an interpreter. A friend and I went to the newest school - just a building beside a road, with concrete floor and open sides above shoulder height. No water, no toilets, little equipment, but happy, co-operative, well-behaved children who readily joined in with everything we had organised for them. Our parting gift to every single child a teddy bear, lovingly knitted in Britain. (These are given every year, so contributions are always welcome.)

Picture: /files/latest-news/241/w288/sri-lanka-2016-070.jpgPicture: /files/latest-news/241/w288/sri-lanka-2016-071.jpg

On two mornings we travelled by tuk-tuk to a small village where a community centre has been set up for women who have been left as head of the household. Here they can meet, relax and make things to sell. A teacher comes to teach tailoring and another to instruct in the use of the three computers housed in a shipping container held aloft on what will be the toilets. They are also hoping to provide English lessons. We worked on the concrete floor and the water for tea had to be collected from the village, but a well was opened while we were there and the toilets will come in time! Solar panels on the roof of the shipping container provide power. We showed the ladies (originally a group of 15, but word must have got out and the numbers increased to the top 20s!) how to make greetings cards using several different methods and were pleased with the skill showed and the colours the combined.

One evening we all went to a school hall and shares lots of different activities with people with impaired hearing and on another occasion we were treated to an entertainment by the secondary students from Batti and from Fleet.

What a wonderful experience it was, and all instigated by a lovely Sri Lankan lady who left the island when she was 14 and who is quite sure that God has lead her to do this work and guides everything she plans.

May God continue to bless her and the work of Ocean Stars Trust.


If you would like to join us in Sri Lanka please contact us to find out more.

Quiz Night in Fleet

20th January - come and support our quiz night

OceanStars :: Thursday 5th January 2017 :: This Story

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Ocean Stars Trust Invite you to join us at our Charity Quiz Night on Friday 20th January, 7:45pm at All Saints Parish Hall, Church Road, Fleet

Tickets are £10 per person which includes the quiz and pizza. Please bring your own drinks.

Tickets are avaqilable on the door or for more details contact Ruth 01252 614150


Please come and support us and help to make a difference to the lives of children in Sri Lanka.

Volunteering Trips and Holidays to Sri Lanka

Jaydd organises Volunteering Trips and Holidays to Sri Lanka, as well as fundraising events for Ocean Stars Trust

OceanStars :: Monday 19th December 2016 :: This Story

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JAYDD Limited (Private LTD Company Number 10346019) was formed in September 2016 and is the trading company for Ocean Stars Trust.

Jaydd organises Volunteering Trips and Holidays to Sri Lanka, as well as fundraising events for Ocean Stars Trust (Reg Charity 1110022).  JAYDD also offers individuals, schools and other groups in the UK an opportunity to travel to Sri Lanka, and combines a sightseeing holiday with visiting a link school and/or volunteering in Sri Lanka.

For more information about holidays in Sri Lanka please look at the JAYDD website:

and e-mail us at: to plan your dream holiday experience in Sri Lanka.

Let JAYDD take you to Sri Lanka.

December 2016 Newsletter

It’s been almost two weeks now since we returned from our 2016 team trip to Sri Lanka. As on previous occasions, it is taking me time to settle back at home. My head is still full of the sights and sounds we encountered during our time there.

OceanStars :: Wednesday 7th December 2016 :: This Story

It was great to be back, to meet again with our Ocean Stars Lanka team who work tirelessly for us. We ask a lot of them and more than ever I am convinced of their commitment to OST and our dependence upon them as we seek to support and develop our work amongst the Batticaloa community.

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As I travelled around the schools, I met up with many of the teachers who have become my friends. I taught in the classrooms and delight-ed in the smiles and laughter that I shared with the children. I was humbled by the sheer joy evident on a local man's face when he re-ceived his chickens, a gift bought from our gift catalogue. And like the rest of our team I was quite stunned to witness computer classes, sewing classes, English classes all taking place in Hope House, Ama-planthurai, a remote and very poor part of the Batticaloa district.

The work of Ocean Stars continues to progress, affecting and changing the lives of many living in remote and difficult circumstances in the North and East of Sri Lanka. We are very aware that this would not be possible without your support and on behalf of all the trustees, I thank you. Your gifts really are making a difference and changing lives.
Merry Christmas Everyone!

Download the full December newsletter and see the 2016 highlights.



Bring & Buy Day


OceanStars :: Monday 5th December 2016 :: This Story




TIME: 10.00- 1.00 PM    2.00-5.00 PM

Please come along and bring a friend.Picture: /files/events/237/w288/coffee-bring-and-buy.jpg

October Trip to Sri Lanka

Meet the OST teams visiting Sri Lanka this Autumn.

OceanStars :: Tuesday 18th October 2016 :: This Story


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OST TEAM 2 2016

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Ocean Stars Variety Show Review

The 9th Ocean Stars Variety show was held on Saturday 8th October at Fleet Methodist Church at 6.00 pm.

OceanStars :: Wednesday 12th October 2016 :: This Story

There were 21 acts that provided an amazing evening of talent and entertainment. Over £650 was raised for the work of Ocean Stars.

A BIG BIG thank you to all the performers, helpers and audience for making this annual event such a success.

Here is the programme for you to enjoy!

Picture: /files/latest-news/235/w288/varity-show-programme-2016-1.jpg

Morgan visits in Baticaloa

Before I left for Sri Lanka, I'd arranged to do some volunteer work for Ocean Stars Trust (OST).

OceanStars :: Friday 30th September 2016 :: This Story

OST are a children's charity, founded in 2005 to support underprivileged children, families and communities in Sri Lanka following the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami.

I left Trinco and arrived in Batticaloa (Batti; where OST are based) following a rare comfortable bus journey. Diana and Kiru welcomed me with beaming smiles before taking me to my guesthouse, which was nestled among the windy, dusty backroads of Kallady. We talked through the plan for the next four days. I was to visit three 'projects' (a secondary school and two preschools) where I'd assist in lessons.

Picture: /files/latest-news/234/w288/batti.jpg

Read my full report at:


My first two days with OST were eye opening, sad, fun, interesting and intriguing. To have 10 year olds speak so frankly about their home hardships was initially hard to take. However, seeing their pearly whites shine as I we played games and I told them about home reminded me the kids were in good hands at school. It was a chance for the children to learn, have fun, be kids. Amazingly, many of the children's parents still need convincing that school is worthwhile. As well as the standard curriculum, in which the children are taught nine subjects, I'm convinced a tie with a foreign school – thanks to OST – can only help in educating the parents, for their children benefit from visits from people like myself.

Fabulous Cake Sale

On Sunday 25th September Amy and Sophie held an Ocean Stars Trust afternoon tea at Amy's parent's house to raise money for the October trip to Sri Lanka.

OceanStars :: Monday 26th September 2016 :: This Story

There were a delicious and huge range of cakes, sandwiches, tea and coffee, baked by friends and family. It was a great opportunity to talk about the amazing work Ocean Stars does and to share what we will be doing during the trip with everyone that attended and so kindly donated money to the charity!

An amazing £330 was raised!

We also had a slide show of all the photos Sophie took last year so everyone could see what ocean stars does.

Picture: /files/latest-news/233/w288/cake-sale.jpg

Picture: /files/latest-news/233/w288/ost-cake5.jpgPicture: /files/latest-news/233/w288/ost-cake1.jpgPicture: /files/latest-news/233/w288/ost-cake2.jpgPicture: /files/latest-news/233/w288/ost-cake3.jpgPicture: /files/latest-news/233/w288/ost-cake4.jpg

Christmas Craft Event

At which you will make three cards, have fun and raise money for a worthwhile cause.

OceanStars :: Wednesday 14th September 2016 :: This Story

In aid of Ocean Stars
On Saturday 15th October at
Church on the Heath,
Elvetham Heath GU51 1HA

10am-12.30 pm

Cost: £10

For which you will make three cards, have fun and raise money for a worthwhile cause

Refreshments will be provided

There will be a raffle with some great prizes

To book your place please contact

Christine: 01252 647237

Or Tracey-Anne: 01252 786371