Callthorp Park School Trip Thoughts

Reflections on forthcoming trip to Sri Lanka March 2016

OceanStars :: Wednesday 20th April 2016 :: This Story

Picture: /files/latest-news/211/w288/img-1312.jpgWhen I first got accepted into the trip I felt very happy and lucky. I knew that it would be a good idea to fundraise at Fleet Spurs because I play for them. I am very much looking forward to the safari and making a difference to the children. – Max Tyson

When I first heard that I was accepted/chosen to go on the trip I was very excited. The thing that I am most looking forward to on the trip is meeting all of the children and playing sports and other activities. On the trip I think that I will being not many clothes for myself but a lot of other clothes like football kits to donate to the children. – Angus Youngson

Very excited to be planning and to have really started the fundraising! I'm so grateful for this opportunity to visit and to teach lessons, but most of all making an impact on the children of Sri Lanka. –Hannah Green

I am looking to make a video/short film to show the ways we helped the children of Sri Lanka. I can't wait to see a different part of the world I haven't experienced before. I believe I can bring my good-quality learning experience to the children in the lessons. –Sam Wollen

So far I have really enjoyed fundraising for the trip. I'm looking forward to going to the schools and experiencing how they live. I am also excited to see how the money that we have fundraised affects the lives of the people that we will meet. –Charlotte Horton

I am looking forward to the trip; it is going to be an amazing journey which we are all going to enjoy. T will be amazing experience which we will never forget. –Katie A

I'm doing the sponsored bike ride and I really want to sell more sweets to raise more money. I also want to do some selling with my friends to get them in and helping. Also, I really want my family to do some fundraising with me. I think my personal total is £90. Maybe I could raise some money in Cyprus when I go on holiday there? –Alice Mckelvey


I'm very excited for this trip. I am most looking forward to the elephant safari as people have told me that it is amazing. To ensure that our lessons are successful, I will help bring all the appliances needed such as all of our photocopied activities and I will laminate the paper as this will make sure it does not get ruined on the trip. –Adison Turner

Very excited to experience a completely new culture. Looking forward to taking pictures and videos and seeing things I will possibly neve see again. I am very excited to be given the chance to help people less fortunate. –Jack Smith

I am very excited and enthusiastic about going on the trip. I am looking forward to seeing and teaching the children in the schools. –Matthew Charley

I can't wait to go on the Sri Lanka trip. I can't wait to see all the smiles on their faces! I will be able to bring my knowledge and understanding to what they are going through. Also I will hopefully be able to bring them hope. –Sydni Hills

I am really looking forward to our trip. I think it will be an amazing experience for us, and I hope we leave the children with memories that will last forever. –Mia Clarkson

I can't wait until we get there, I'm so excited. I can tell it's going to be a life-changing experience already. –Frankie Williams

I'm buzzing for the trip. I really want to take lots of pictures. I'm looking forward to everything: culture, people etc. –Richard Oliver

For the trip, I am very excited about going! I am most excited about meeting the students, teaching in the school and seeing the wildlife. –Maya Brauns

The trip is getting closer and I am getting more excited. I can't wait to see all the children and I'm sure both I and them will have a brilliant time. I am looking forward to seeing the elephants and doing different activities such as tea picking. –Ellie Kennelly

Ocean Stars Team 2

Thoughts about the trip in meeting 1

OceanStars :: Tuesday 19th April 2016 :: This Story


Picture: /files/latest-news/212/w288/team-2-march-photo.jpg

Lorna: I have always wanted to go and work for a charity. I have been to Kenya and I gave out food whilst I was there. The experience filled me with happiness. I am brining in my dream of having a gap year in this one week of volunteering for Ocean Stars. I also want to increase awareness in the UK of the work Ocean Stars does in Sri Lanka.

Reanne: When I heard about the trip to Sri Lanka I knew I wanted to be part of the team. I have always wanted to give to others. I feel that we can change how people feel. My wants are their needs.

Amy: I heard about the trip from my friend Sophie and I wanted to be part of it. I am training to be a teacher.

Sophie Sowden: I have known Amali and the family for a long time yet in never has seemed the right time to go to SL. I went with the team to SL in 2015 and I felt warm inside. It is a beautiful country. People are so friendly. We walked along way in rain and floods. Coming back on the plane I knew I wanted to return.

Howard: I have been retired for 8 years. At the moment I am coaching children in a Junior School. I enjoy working with children. I have 3 children and 4 grand children. I spent my working life up in London and I hope I can make a difference. My friends Jill and Mike went on the trip last year and they told me they had a fantastic time. So I have taken the plunge. I am hoping I can make a difference to the disadvantaged communities Ocean Stars works with. I am looking forward to being part of the team.

Sandra: This is Take 2 for me and I am very excited. I had an amazing experience. The people so appreciate what we do. Whatever happens happens.

Sophie: I have raised money for Ocean Stars for a long time. I think it will be a great experience to see the work you do. I want to be part of the children's lives.

Calthorpe Park School fund-raising

Students from Calthorpe Park School have been busy fund-raising for their Sri Lanka trip in October 2016. They have so far raised £2120.00. The students received their fund raising t-shirts at their last meeting.

OceanStars :: Thursday 24th March 2016 :: This Story

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Tsunami Memorial Service

The memorial service of the 11th anniversary of the Boxing Day Tsunami of 2004

OceanStars :: Wednesday 20th January 2016 :: This Story

The memorial service of the 11th anniversary of the Boxing Day Tsunami of 2004  that took place in Navalady Beach, Kalladay, Batticaloa, Sri Lanka, was attended by our Ocean Stars Lanka Staff. They handed out buns to the families of the bereaved that attended the service.

New equipment for Siththy Vinayagar High School

Calthorpe Park School, Fleet students raise funds for their link school Siththy Vinayagar High School in Batticaloa Sri Lanka.

OceanStars :: Tuesday 8th December 2015 :: This Story

The school now has a photo copy machine, a laptop, a screen and a multi media machine.The Headteacher and staff at the school were very happy to receive these gifts and said that it would greatly enhance the educational opportunities available to their students.

Choosing printer Photo copier working School Gifts School Principle and Dilanee

Ocean Starts Trip October 2015

18 students and staff from Calthorpe Park School Fleet and Volunteers from Fleet Methodist Church leave for Sri Lanka this week!

OceanStars :: Thursday 22nd October 2015 :: This Story

Calthorpe Park School BLOG

Follow our trip with Beyond Boundaries  here is the link

Amali and Sophie leave for Sri Lanka to volunteer for Ocean Stars on Tuesday 20.10.15



Amali and Sophie leave for Sri Lanka to volunteer for Ocean Stars on Tuesday 20.10.15

OST Team1 from Callthorpe School in Fleet


18 students and staff from Calthorpe Park School Fleet, known as OST  Team 1  and two members from OST Team 2 ( general volunteers) leave for Sri Lanka on Wednesday 21.10.15

Members from Fleet Methodist Church leave for Sri Lanka Thursday 22.10.15Members from Fleet Methodist Church leave for Sri Lanka Thursday 22.10.15

Members from Fleet Methodist Church leave for Sri

OST Team2 ready for their trip to Sri Lanka

Lanka Thursday 22.10.15

Dilanee and Heather leave for Sri Lanka

Kate's journey to Brazil

Kate who has been sailing in Stage 1 of the Clipper Round the world challenge with her crew in the boat UNCEF is due to arrive in RIO this Friday 2nd October

OceanStars :: Monday 5th October 2015 :: This Story

Please have a read of Kate's diary entry of her nights under the stars.


RACE 1 - DAY 22

One of my best watches when the skies are clear is the 2200 to 0200 shift. I go to sleep in daylight at around 1800 and wake up in time to go on deck at 2200 after the sun has set and the temperatures are starting to drop.

Climbing up the companionway to be met by a cool breeze and a canopy of stars is second to none. As I lie on deck looking straight up into the sky and past the top of the mast I regret not knowing more about the celestial bodies around us. The constellations are there to be identified and as we move further south the familiar 'Plough' and 'Orion's belt' occupy unfamiliar places in the night sky. We will soon be south of the Equator and the 'Southern Cross' and southern hemisphere stars will replace all that is familiar. Stars shoot across the sky and if you look carefully satellites can be identified as they appear to travel through space, faster than aeroplanes though slower than shooting stars. The Milky Way presents as a ribbon of light from one horizon to the other, star studded with bright and not so bright stars. Somewhere up there is the star my daughter, Becca, gave me for my birthday. 

Yet to be identified but I know that it is up there looking down on us both. We have been blessed with a bright moon for most of the journey so far and this along with the light from the stars means that we have not been sailing in total darkness, though a new moon for the past couple of nights has made it difficult to see at times, especially if there is any haziness around.

Closer to hand is the sea and all that it has to offer in terms of animal life. Flying fish are frequently seen during the day as they fly away from the boat to avoid colliding with our blue hull, but after dark and when there is a light shining on the spinnaker these flying fish head straight for the boat, attracted by the light we surmise. They can be heard landing with a thud as they hit the deck, or there is a loud screech as someone is hit on the head by one. Waking up in the morning to find numerous dead fish on deck or in the sails is a common occurrence, as is finding everywhere covered with scales. As we crossed the Bay of Biscay many days ago there was a screech from one of the crew, a light was turned on, and on the deck lay a squid. Now, has anyone heard of flying squid?

Dolphins are always a welcome attraction whether day or night though once it is dark there is always an added element of magic. Phosphorescence is a welcome companion at the best of times but when dolphins are added into the mix the magic and mystery is taken to a different level. These sea creatures can be tracked through the water as fast moving ribbons of light, weaving in and out with each other. When they come up for air there is a break in the trace of light which is accompanied with a short snort as the creatures take a gulp of air before diving back down under the water again.

They appear to be having a lot of fun, weaving, ducking and diving around the boat as we all sit and stand in awe at the beauty of their creation.

Night is also the time for big ships and tankers to pass silently by, their lights twinkling in the distance as we try and identify red from green; is it travelling towards us or away? Computers help to identify hazardous cargoes or fishing boats with limited maneuverability and we can only guess at where their destinations might be. A couple of nights ago we passed through the Cape Verde islands, close enough to see the evidence of human occupation with street lights, an aeroplane taking off, for who knows where, and a number of navigation lights on the ends of significant promontories. Strange to be in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and to be presented with the ability to make phone calls home and to send text messages.

Our senses are heightened when darkness falls. Sounds of the boat are louder, the noise from the water as we pass through it is amplified and the snorts from the dolphins announce their arrival before they can be seen.

On stormy nights the sound from the flapping sail is cacophenous as we struggle as a crew to put in a reef and reduce sail, the wind whipping and howling around the mast and making life very difficult. Even on calm nights the sails snap as the wind comes and goes in the stillness of a nearly windless night.

Night time is different. It is special in it's own way as we experience the darkness, sights and sounds that are unattainable in everyday life.


Fundraising Car Boot Success

Well done to Sophie and Kerry!

OceanStars :: Monday 5th October 2015 :: This Story

Sophie Sowden member of Ocean Stars Team 2 and her mum Kerry did a car boot sale on Sunday 20th September in Farnborough and raised £155 for the work of Ocean Stars!

Well done Sophie and Kerry! 


Countdown to Departure

Students from Calthorpe Park School travelling to Sri Lanka on Wednesday 21st October 2015 had their pen ultimate last week.

OceanStars :: Monday 5th October 2015 :: This Story

They received their kit for the visit and here are some photos of the team in their new kit.

The team to date has raised £6820.00 for the work of Ocean Stars. An amazing total!

They are all looking forward to the trip that has been a year in planning.



Christmas Craft Event

Come, have fun and make some cards in aid of Ocean Stars

OceanStars :: Friday 18th September 2015 :: This Story

On Saturday 17th October at

Church on the Heath,

Elvetham Heath GU51 1HA

10am-12.30 pm


Cost: £10

For which you will make three cards, have fun and raise money for a worthwhile cause


Refreshments will be provided

There will be a raffle with some great prizes


To book your place please contact

Christine: 01252 647237

Or Tracey-Anne: 01252 786371