Jess Butcher MBE meets with Dilanee

The Co-Founder of Blipper met up with Dilanee Bunter Founder and Operation Manager of Ocean Stars Trust to discuss strategic planning for Hope House.

Naomi Booth :: Wednesday 13th June 2018 :: This Story

Dilanee and JessHope House is a project in Ampalanthurai Eastern Sri Lanka that Jess helped to set up in December 2015.

Dilanee and Jess were involved in the making of a programme for a global documentary series for National Geographic. Ocean Stars Trust was chosen by National Geographic as the charity to support in Sri Lanka whilst making the documentary.

If you would like to find out more please click on the button and:

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Hope House is a project in Ampalanthurai Eastern Sri Lanka

Dan Bunter and Zeddy Kibet in Sri Lanka for 100 days

Dan and Zeddy are in Sri Lanka for 100 days doing an Impact Evaluation Project for Ocean Stars Trust UK Registered Charity 1110022.

Naomi Booth :: Tuesday 22nd May 2018 :: This Story

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To find out about what they are doing please have a look at their blog:

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Preschool Outing

Chenkalady 2 Preschool went to Trincomalee for their annual preschool outing

Naomi Booth :: Wednesday 16th May 2018 :: This Story

On Tuesday16 May 2018, 20 children from Chenkalady 2 Preschool, 20 parents, three teachers and three Ocean Stars Lanka staff and two Ocean Stars volunteers Dan and Zeddy went to Trincomalee for their annual preschool outing.

Trincomalee Harbour

First stop, Trincomalee Harbour. The harbour, the second largest natural harbour in the world.

They left Chenkalady at 7.00 am. This meant a 4.30 am start for our volunteers and staff. The children would have been up from 5.30 am, and parents even earlier to prepare the picnics.

Chenkalady 2 is one of the 20 preschools in Sri Lanka supported by Ocean Stars Trust UK.

 Next stop Seven Hot Spring wells in Kanniya, Trincomalee.

Take a look at the full day in this pdf

Trip Report

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Promise Auction - can you help?

What can you offer as a promise?

Naomi Booth :: Saturday 12th May 2018 :: This Story

What can you offer?

  • Gardening
  • Handy person skills
  • Babysitting
  • Flower arrangement
  • Meals
  • Cakes
  • Music lessons
  • Sewing
  • Tuition
  • Car washing
  • Airport taxi
  • Holiday rental    
  • Any other hidden gifts and talents?

How it works

Sign up to offer your services or goods. 

You do not need to be present at the auction in order to offer a promise, although you are very welcome.

Once your item has been purchased the buyer will contact you to make arrangements.  Sealed bids can be made before the event.

Promise Auction

Saturday 7th July 3-5pm

Fleet Methodist Church

Enjoy the thrill of a live auction

along with the relaxion of a cream tea.

Tickets - £5 per adult & £2 per child

To book tickets or offer a promise contact
Julie on 07973790925 or


Oli - looking into OST

Oli Shafto previous OST volunteer with Calthorpe Park School talks to us about what he is doing at the moment

Naomi Booth :: Friday 23rd March 2018 :: This Story


Oli is currently doing a 3 year Film production course at the Uni of Winchester.

He is in currently in the second year of a 3 year course. Oli has been interested in filming since the age of 14.

"I bought a camera before I went to Sri Lanka in 2014 with my school. I like to tell a story. I have creative control over something I love to do. I always focus on filming when I go to the cinema."

"I am now doing a Volunteering Module which requires students with a Registered Charity for promotional purposes. For me it is about learning aspects employability and life skills in the community."

Oli filming for Ocean Stars Charity


"I chose OST for this Module because I have personal interest in Ocean Stars.

I have been to Sri Lanka and I have seen firsthand the impact their work has on the children in SL. I have to make a film 5/10 minutes focusing on the impact the charity is making in Sri Lanka and in the UK. 

I have visited the office, been to fund raising events, attended Team meetings, interviewed past volunteers, interviewed Trustees and office helpers."

Oli says that he just did not realise the depth and scale of work involved in running a charity from behind the scenes. The endless meetings, presentations, preparations for meetings, preparations for trips, phone calls to Sri Lanka.

"I just did not realise there was so much work involved."

Preparation time

Teaching up to 600 students during their time in Sri Lanka

Naomi Booth :: Friday 23rd March 2018 :: This Story

Calthorpe park Students meeting to prepare for their trip to Sri Lanka.

The students meet every month to prepare what they are going to be doing with the students when they are working out in schools in Sri Lanka. The UK students have to take all their resources with them for teaching up to 600 students during their time in Sri Lanka.

Callthorpe School Students preparing to visit Sri Lanka Callthorpe School Students new t-shirts Callthorpe School Students Callthorpe School Students talking to Oli Shafto Callthorpe School Students prepatations Picture: /files/latest-news/295/w288/img-0037.jpg Craft kits Making Stars Making elephants

Congratulations Oli!

Running the Winchester 10k for OST.

Naomi Booth :: Wednesday 7th March 2018 :: This Story

Oli Shafto a Calthorpe Park Ocean Stars student from 2014 trip to Sri Lanka ran the Winchester 10k recently and is raising money for OST.

He came 171st out of 1300 runners in a time of 44 minutes - what a fantastic achievement, well done Oli!

Picture: /files/latest-news/293/w288/oli-1.jpg Picture: /files/latest-news/293/w288/oli-2.jpg Picture: /files/latest-news/293/w288/oli-3.jpg

Loving the Milo!

You can buy a box of Milo for £20!

Naomi Booth :: Tuesday 20th February 2018 :: This Story

An OST pre school child enjoying a drink of Milo.

You can buy a box of Milo for £20 from our gift catalogue and provide a drink of milk for 42 children in Sri Lanka.

See what else you can buy from our gift catalogue here -

Buy Milo


New cohort

Pre-school in 2018

Naomi Booth :: Tuesday 20th February 2018 :: This Story

37 children have registered at the Vellaimanal pre school for 2018 and here they are in their new Ocean Stars uniforms!

Thank you to everyone who is helping support their education.

Picture: /files/latest-news/292/w288/pre-school-children-in-sri-lanka.jpg

Ready for school?

Uniforms and bags ready for Sri Lanka

Naomi Booth :: Monday 19th February 2018 :: This Story

700 school uniforms and school bags are ready to go!

700 school bags and uniforms ready to be sent out to Ocean Stars pre schools for the start of the school year.

If you would like to support our work you can by donating or buying items for the children in our shop.

Buy Bags & Uniform

Picture: /files/events/291/w288/school-bags.jpgPicture: /files/events/291/w288/uniforms.jpg