Food to those in need

Today we started distributing our food parcels

Naomi Booth :: Tuesday 28th April 2020 :: This Story

Today we started distributing our food parcels to the Ocean Stars communities facing hardship due to lack of income during the current Covid-19 crisis.

Our Ocean Stars Lanka staff will be travelling to remote villages all this week distributing food parcels to our remote preschool families. 

We started today by giving out food parcels to our sponsor families in Batticaloa and our preschool families in Vellaimanal , Trincomalee.

Receiving food parcel Gratitude for food parcels Food for delivery

The overwhelming messages from all the recipients were of immense gratitude to our Ocean Stars network for their kindness and generosity in making this possible. These families have not as yet received any extra help from the government or other NGO's.

If you would like to donate to our appeal so we could reach out and help more people visit our donate page.


To our GCSE level sponsor children

Naomi Booth :: Tuesday 28th April 2020 :: This Story

Congratulations to our Sponsor children who received their GCSE Grades today 28th April 2020.

Between them they got 20 Grade A's 12 Grade B's 15 Grade C's and 6 Grade D's. They would like to extend their thanks to our SpPicture: /files/latest-news/383/w288/gcse-results-day.jpgonsorship Programme and their sponsors for helping them to get to this stage.

We wish them Good Luck as they embark on their A Levels post lockdown.

COVID Appeal - thanks so much

So much is already being done thanks to your donations

Naomi Booth :: Friday 24th April 2020 :: This Story

Picture: /files/latest-news/381/w288/covid-appeal-photo-3.jpgA big thank you to everyone who has donated to our Covid-19 appeal for Ocean Stars communities in Sri Lanka.

Thanks to your generosity we have been able to source and purchase 200 food parcels to all our preschool families and sponsor families.

Most of the families rely on daily wage earners for an income and during the last month have had no income.

Our Ocean Stars Lanka staff join us with OST UK to thank you for making this possible. Our appeal is running till the 18th May so it is not too late to donate.

Picture: /files/latest-news/381/w288/ocean-stars-covid-19-response-.png

COVID-19 Response

Find out why and how you can help!

Naomi Booth :: Wednesday 15th April 2020 :: This Story

Picture: /files/latest-news/380/w288/ocean-stars-covid-19-response-.png

Bags sewn in Yatiyanthota

For pre-school teachers

Naomi Booth :: Tuesday 4th February 2020 :: This Story

Ocean Star teachers with their resources bags made by our Ocean Stars sewing project in Yatiyanthota.

The teachers also collected uniforms , school bags and ocean Stars calendars.

Picture: /files/latest-news/379/w288/ost-teachers.jpg Picture: /files/latest-news/379/w288/ost-teachers2.jpg

1000 School Uniforms in Batti

Find out what else was give out today...

Naomi Booth :: Sunday 2nd February 2020 :: This Story

The OSL Team and Dilanee gave out 1000 preschol uniforms, school bags, teachers sarees, teachers bags and Ocean Stars calendars to our 20 Batti preschools this morning. The OSL team did this monumental task with smiles on their faces. Well done everyone !!

Picture: /files/latest-news/377/w288/img-6803.jpg Picture: /files/latest-news/377/w288/img-6804.jpg Picture: /files/latest-news/377/w288/img-6768.jpg


Ocean Stars on national television

In Sri Lanka

OceanStars :: Monday 27th January 2020 :: This Story

Picture: /files/latest-news/375/w288/sri-lanka-news.jpg

Food Parcels

for families in Batticaloa

Naomi Booth :: Monday 27th January 2020 :: This Story

The distribution of 150 food parcels for targeted families started today in Batticaloa.

50 families supported by Ocean Stars UK and Lanka received a food bag containing rice, flour, lentils ,salt, milk powder, tea and Pappadums.

The Food Bag project is funded by our UK partner Sunny-sid3 Up and Ocean Stars are very grateful to them for their support. The mothers commented on how grateful they were to receive these essential items which they often cannot afford and have to go without.

Thank you Sunny-Sid3 Up. You have brought happiness and joy to hundreds of people.

Food parcel contents 150 food parcels in Sri Lanka recipients

recipients in Sri Lanka Child recipients Going home

A new beginning

January marks the beginning of the new school year in Sri Lanka.

Naomi Booth :: Wednesday 22nd January 2020 :: This Story

 It is a busy time for our Ocean Stars Lanka staff as 1,000 school uniforms and bags have to be distributed to the 1000 children who will be attending the 25 preschools funded by Ocean Stars Trust UK. Today the first 35 uniforms were distributed to the children who attend St Peters preschool in Yatiyanthota.

children who attend St Peters preschool in Yatiyanthota Preschool children at St Peter's New pre-school-uniforms in Sri Lanka Ocean stars preschool uniform

Goodbye to Pooja

Ocean Stars UK were very sad to say Goodbye to Pooja, a valued member of our Ocean Stars Lanka staff this week.

Naomi Booth :: Friday 17th January 2020 :: This Story

PoojaPooja joined us in 2015 as an admin assistant. We have watched her develop and grow over the last 5 years.

Pooja started working with us in 2015 with very little spoken English and leaves us as a confident English speaker who has made speeches in English to UK volunteers and visitors.

She has been our Preschool and Sponsorship Manager for the last 3 years and has done and amazing job over the that time. The 54 sponsor families in the Eastern Province really appreciate the support, care and love Pooja has offered them. Pooja leaves us to get married and join her husband in Kandy.

Pooja will be greatly missed by us all but we wish her and her husband every happiness in the new life together.