Kilmiya's Story

Naomi Booth :: Friday 14th January 2022 :: This Story

Ocean Stars Trust sponsors over 150 children in Sri Lanka. The scheme was first set up in 2005 so the children who started with us in 2005 are now young adults. Some of them have gone straight into employment and other are studying at university. This is Kilmiya's story.


I'm Abdul Majeed Kilmiya Banu from Karumalaiyootru, Vellaimanal, China bay, Trincomalee. My father's name is M.H. Abdul Majeed and my mother's name is H.M. Sithy Nahuma and I have two elder sisters. I was born on 1998. June. 07. I started my studies at age of six at the nursery in my village. When I was in grade one Tsunami came and it attacked my village. Our house and economy were destroyed by Tsunami. At that time some organizations organized temporary residence for us. On 2005 Ocean stars team came to our village. They saw us and gave some gift for us. Like toys, food and they played games with us.  They were collecting our details and data. And they decided to give sponsorship for students who struggled to study.


My father is a fisherman. We had no income as it was war time, and he was not allowed to fish. At that time, I was also selected for sponsorship which given by Ocean Stars team. I was studying at T/AL/Azhar Muslim Maha Vidyalaya at my village from 2005 – 2017 approximately 13 years Mrs. Shona Holroyd sponsored me for my studies. It was helpful to my studies. I attempted ordinary level (O-level) examination on 2014 December and I passed with 6A,2B, C. I chose science field for my advance level studies. I studied at T/Kin/Kinniya girl's college from 2015-2017 in science field I was sitting for advance level examination on 2017 and I passed it with A,2S result.


Then I applied and was selected for my higher studies in biological science field. I am the first girl from my village to go to university. I was accepted by the Faculty of Science at the University of Jaffna. I informed this news to Dilanee madam who is a founder of Ocean Stars team. They gave me some gifts and Ocean Stars team arranged a function for me and encouraged me for my higher studies. Now I am studying at University of Jaffna, now also Ocean Stars team sponsored me for my studies. At my second year in University I was selected for honor degree in zoology subject. On 2019 coronavirus attacked our country all the educations were stopped, and in person lectures and practical were changed to online lectures and practical's via zoom. But I didn't have a proper smart phone or a laptop for attend the online lectures. I was faced many struggles to attend my online lectures and I missed many classes via online. At that time Dilanee madam arranged a zoom meeting with me, and I was explained my situation to Dilanee madam, then madam said that she will talk with the trustees and team. After that she helped me. Then one day Dilanee madam called me, and she said that Ocean stars team decided to give me a laptop and I was very happy after heard that, then arranged to buy a laptop and gave me a brand-new laptop, I am very thankful to Dilanee madam and Ocean stars team. The laptop which was given by Ocean stars team is very helpful to me nowadays in many ways. Ocean stars team help me from 2005 to until now. Now I am studying 3rd year and this is my story. Thank you so much Ocean stars team.