EGP in Sri Lanka

After our initial settling period our love for the village and the people has grown even stronger. We've enjoyed everything the village has to offer including swimming in the lagoon, trips on fishing boats and beautiful sunset ferry crossings.

OceanStars :: Friday 18th October 2013 :: This Story

In terms of the project things with the building could not have run any smoother. The Ocean Stars network proved its invaluable worth when one of the team had to leave for Colombo after an accident; Ranchan stayed in complete control of the project and work continued at an impressive rate. Whilst in Colombo we were bowled over the amount of support Ocean Stars offered us, which made a potentially huge obstacle much easier to overcome. Special mention has to be given to Matt from the UK and Yasmin from Colombo whose continued support and problem solving abilities meant Lucy the best possible help, and a far more pleasant hospital environment than we're used to in the UK!

The project has come on at a staggering pace over the last weeks, which meant the team were able to have a week off to see more of Sri Lanka (and some well needed R+R!) We were all excited to get back on site and see the progress; the building is now only about a week from completion. It's also great to be back in the village with Christy and his family's wonderful hospitality. A wonderful surprise came in the form of a digger today, in true Sri Lankan style Ranchan found a digger late in the day, which spared us the arduous task of filling the land around the nursery with sand. With only 10 days left we're already dreading the thought of having to leave Ocean Stars and it's amazing work behind. Before that though we have the grand opening ceremony to organise, which we hope will be a great way to repay the enormous debt we owe the people of the village for their hospitality. All of us now share a love for Sri Lanka, it's people and the incredible work Ocean Stars does."