Hayley and Clare's Trip Report

Clare and I loved our time in Sri Lanka - a remarkable experience!

OceanStars :: Monday 21st October 2013 :: This Story

Hayley and Clare in Sri Lanka Welcome

- Week 2 -

Pre-school learning Sri LankaWe can't believe we've only been here less than 2 weeks - it feels like months! The people are so welcoming and friendly. We have been made to feel very at home.
We got on very well in Trinco with Janabdeen and his family. The school kids there are adorable and so bright! We couldn't believe that they could write some English words already! A wonderful gift to be able to spend time there.
We found it quite emotional saying goodbye to them all! Aysha in particular - she has definitely mothered us while we are here in Sri Lanka! We are in regular contact with her via text and phone.

Batti has been such a different experience but very enjoyable also! Ranchan has been great, as has Diana. Joseph is also great! So smiley and chatty! A perfect base for us while we spend time here.
Today Ranchan's niece got us to help a bit with making lunch (as if she needed it!). We didn't realise how long it takes to make curries here and how much there is going on!

All in all we have had a ball here so far. I've attached some photos too. We've been updating the blog today too:


- 1 month -

Bubbles in Sri Lanka

That's us home safely! Can't believe how quickly the last month has gone!
Time really does fly when you're having fun!

Clare and I loved our time in Sri Lanka - a remarkable experience!

Thank you so much for making this possible for us. Ocean Stars have been so kind to us.