Adam Searle Lochness Marathon EGP Report

I Wish everyone at Ocean Stars Trust all the best; and thanking you all so much for providing me with the best experience of my life.

OceanStars :: Saturday 2nd November 2013 :: This Story

Adam Searle Marathon Photo"I first became acquainted with Ocean Stars and the amazing work that the organisation does whilst volunteering with Edinburgh Global Partnerships over the last year. Working very closely over the past summer with Ocean Stars in the Batticaloa district has been a privilege.

From the start of June to the end of July our team worked with local people in the village of Ampalanthurai, a village roughly 10 miles South of Batticaloa, on the construction of a pre-school. From the moment we arrived in Ampalanthurai to the moment we left we were welcomed with open arms to their community and lifestyles, and I’ve learnt more from the people we met along the way than ever before. The work that we did couldn’t have been completed without the constant help of Ranchan and the rest of the Ocean Stars team, particularly Matt Marshall who worked closely with EGP. The shining stars pre-school was a great success and I hope to visit again one day!"