Mahadeva Achchirama Children's Home in Kilinochchi

Mahadeva Achchirama Children's Home in Kilinochchi was in need of a playground which Ocean Stars Trust has now opened!

OceanStars :: Monday 24th February 2014 :: This Story

The Orphanage

The goal of the Mahadeva Achchirama Children's Home is to be self sustaining - they have vast amounts of land on which they farm bananas and other fruit, teak and even have a dairy farm. In three small compounds on this land they have 300 children who have been placed into their care by the courts - either orphans, children of single parents who can't afford to support them, or parents who have abandoned them.

Kilinochchi Sri LankaThe Director of the home, Mr T Rasanayagam was the Government Agent for the Kilinochchi district for 15 years, most of it being under very difficult war time circumstances.

As well as the children's home itself, the organisation supports two nurseries which provide for local village children as well as children from the home. One of the nurseries is currently in a temporary building. They have constructed a new nursery building nearby but the land around needs to be levelled and they would like a playground.

The children are amongst the neediest in Sri Lanka - many have to regularly visit the hospital for treatment to shrapnel they're still carrying and others are undergoing counselling for the atrocities they've seen.

In 2013 OST funded the construction of a playground at Mahadeva Achchirama Children's Home.