OST Goes Barefoot

OST is really excited to be joining with 3 other UK charities in support of the ‘Fire Poet’, Philip Wells as he embarks on the ‘Barefoot Billion’ challenge, a 1,000 mile barefoot walk from Land’s End to Anglesey.

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Philip aims to follow in the footsteps of the bards, Romans, Neolithic dreamers and all who have trod these paths in the past to raise awareness of the plight of the 1,000,000,000 children and people of this world who live their lives 'barefoot' or in poverty.

Philip sets out from Land's End on 22nd April and aims to arrive on Anglesey on 15th August. OST will be supporting him for a four week period from 27th May until 24th June. There will be lots of opportunities for people to become involved - watch out for further details of his route and events along the way!!

Visit www.barefootbillion.com


Walk Highlights

Week 6 - May 27th
At Glastonbury, UK's spiritual capital - resting place of King Arthur and Jesus's uncle, Joseph of Arimathea - the home of the oldest above-ground church in all of Christendom
No school: half term.
Performance: Glastonbury Abbey

Week 7 - June 6th
At Avebury: stones of power, pyramids and long barrows; (with Dennis Price, the last man to see inside England's mysterious Neolithic Pyramid, Silbury Hill...)
School: Avebury, June 6th
Performances: Stonehenge, Avebury

Week 8 - June 14th
At Stanton Harcourt, England's oldest manor house, where Alexander Pope (in what is now called "Pope's Tower") first translated the Odyssey into English
School: St Barnabas, Oxford, June 13th
Performance: The Old Kitchen, Stanton Harcourt

Week 9 - June 19th
At Thames Head: thoughts on springs, cities and the sacred feminine at the source of the River Thames, or Isis - and how Egypt still flows through our veins...
School: Meadowpark School, Crickdale, June 18th
Performance: Thames Head

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