Barefoot Billion Progress Report

Philip Wells, Fire Poet, a progress report on his barefoot walk.

OceanStars :: Friday 16th May 2014 :: This Story


The first two weeks of Philip's walk have proved both challenging and inspiring.  He has tramped up hills in pouring rain, picked his way as carefully as possible across broken paths, encountered adders in the grass and developed gout(!) which forced him to rest for a day.  Thankfully he has made a speedy recovery and is now continuing on his way.  So far, he has walked 200 of his 1000 mile barefoot challenge. A long, long road and many more trials lie ahead but he remains determined, inspired constantly by the 1,000,000,000 children and adults who are barefoot all the time.  We'll be following him all the way...

philip-wells-fire-poet-4.pngEarly days – Philip's sister came to walk with him and support.

Stony, shale paths...

Steep, winding tracks and cold, rainy days.

Special moments too when the sun shone, the Cornish coast looked at its best and Philip could manage some well earned rest!

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