Generous Gifts from youth football club to Ocean Stars nursery children

OST Trustees were delighted to receive gifts from Fleet Spurs FC Youth Section this week.

OceanStars :: Saturday 14th June 2014 :: This Story

Fleet Spurs Donation to OST

Pictured (L to R) Niamh Tyson, Dilanee Bunter, Maureen Johnston, Tom Taylor and Jon Tyson

Invited by Spurs’ Deputy Chairman Jon Tyson to the football club’s annual presentations at Velmead Community Centre, Fleet, OST Trustees Dilanee and John Bunter, and Maureen Johnston were presented with an extensive range of bats, balls and cricket sets, to take out to OST Nursery Schools in October.

Jon Tyson’s daughter Niamh visited Batticaloa with Calthorpe Park School last October, and her family was responsible for taking out Fleet Spurs football kit to their partner secondary school. Jon  said that the club would try to continue to support OST this way in the future. Mr Tom Taylor, a coach at Fleet Spurs, and Calthorpe Park teacher who also accompanied the visit in October, told assembled football club parents that he knew that the Sri Lankan children will be over the moon to receive such brilliant sporting gifts.