Moving on…

Our intrepid explorer, @thefirepoet Philip Wells, is continuing his barefoot walk across England and Wales and at the minute, he is making good, steady progress.

OceanStars :: Sunday 29th June 2014 :: This Story

He has now completed over 600 miles, walking in all weathers and enduring some long painful treks, not to mention injuries. There's still a long way to go but he remains determined to press on and do all he can to support the Barefoot Billion.

During the past 4 weeks, Ost has been responsible for giving support to him and we've enjoyed some wonderful days. We've explored the countryside with him, listened to his thoughts on every subject under the sun... and marvelled at his commitment and courage.

Dilanee and Philip in the Oxfordshire countryside  Injury strikes – a huge blackthorn

The Ost team at Stanton Harcourt, Philip's family home  Inspirational - presenting his poetry

Each day brings further adventure so please do continue to follow and support

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