Teaming Up

Ocean Stars Trust is delighted to announce that it has recently set up a partnership with Teach Sri Lanka

Naomi Booth :: Tuesday 4th September 2018 :: This Story

Charity Cricket MatchTeach Sri Lanka is a charity established over 5 years ago with the primary purpose of promoting education in Sri Lanka. (

The charity has been set up and is run by Dimithri and Dinesh, two young Sri Lankans who grew up in Colombo, Sri Lanka, but who now live and work in the UK.

On Sunday the 19th August, Teach Sri Lanka organised a charity cricket tournament which was held at Rowlands Castle in Hampshire. Six teams took part in the tournament together with many supporters cheering on throughout the day. The event was a great success and Teach Sri Lanka managed to raise £1,284. Thank you to everyone who participated and supported this event. A fantastic day's work!!!!

Cricket TeamAs part of our partnership with Teach Sri Lanka, they have agreed to finance and support our Naripulthottam preschool in Batticaloa. The money raised from the cricket match will go a long way towards enabling the 39 children at that school to continue their education.

It's a great first step – amazing what can be achieved, when we work together.