Calthorpe Students Getting Ready

Read how their preparations are coming along...

Naomi Booth :: Thursday 13th September 2018 :: This Story


Jack Haddock
Really excited all sorted out, just need to get some sharpeners. Buying some last-minute clothes and I am really excited to go!

Oliver Rix
I am really excited and ready to go. I can not wait! 35 days!

Ella Hodges
I feel happier now that we went over the packing and flight. I'm excited even more because of this.

Thomas Aves
Can't believe it's only 35 days! Looking forward to going.

Jack Woodley
I'm very excited about the trip with just over a month away it will be amazing. The trip should hopefully live up to my expectation. Can't wait.

Student ready for Sri Lanka trip

Molly Wakley
36 days to go! I'm so so excited and I'm feeling fairly prepared so that is good. Just need to pack now!

Beattie Horan-Jennings
I'm really excited about the trip, can't wait! I'm really looking forward to spending time with everyone and experiencing the Sri Lankan culture.

Pippa Campbell
I'm super excited now it's getting so close 35 days it finally feels real I can't wait

Ella Waldron
I'm ready to go. I'll start packing soon. I need to think more about fundraising. I can't wait to eat white rice. It's going to be really fun and it feels like its still months away. 35 days to go!

Molly Fowler
Really looking forward to going to Sri Lanka and can't wait to go.

Amy Whiting
It's getting really close to leaving now! Only 35 days! We got our t-shirts and hoodies today which was very exciting! Our fundraising is going very well as we are over £10,000 now.

Charlotte Staples
I am so excited only one meeting left, today we got our hoodies and t-shirts and I am so happy with our total, I am more than ready to go now!

Imogen Scutter
I'm feeling very, very excited and it's 35 days away. We have got our tops and jumpers. We are just getting the last few bits for our activities! 35 days!

Shaheen Gurung
Now there are 35 days. Its crazy how close the trip is, I still have so much to do and I'm even more excited. I can't wait to go to the schools and to go to the hotels and go see the elephants. I also need to try to pack lightly. I'm also thinking of bringing sheet masks but I don't think I have enough for everyone...

Katie White
In today's meeting, we finalised everything. 35 days now and we have raised £11,000. We are so excited and cannot wait till we go!

Freya Innes
Whoop whoop! Yay! Let's go! Go to remember that I PACKED MY BAG and NOBODY PUT ANYTHING IN IT. Arrgh 35 days to go LET'S GO!!

Robyn Scott
35 days until we go! I have lots of last-minute fundraising to raise some money! It still seems like a lot of work with packing and stuff. I'm excited for the elephants as soon as we get into Sri Lanka! I'm also excited to get on the plane with my friends!

Luke Whiting
Now it's getting really close my constantly evolving lesson plan will have to stabilize. This is what I'm nervous about. But overall it's only excitement remaining.

Keira Etherington-Smith
We have now sorted out the packing situation and we are only 35 days away from leaving for Sri Lanka and I am getting more and more excited as the weeks go by. I am still most excited to see and feed the elephants and also to be able to fly with my friends on the plane.