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Calthorpe Park School Trip weekly meetings have begun - see what the students are thinking

Naomi Booth :: Wednesday 9th January 2019 :: This Story

Meeting 1 - 8th November

"We had the first meeting today and I'm so excited to go! We watched a video in the assembly and I was trying to hold back tears as it made me realise who lucky and privileged I am to be able to go on this trip."
CPS Meeting 1

"After seeing all the memories that the Sri Lanka 2018 team have made I can't wait to make my own. I'm even more excited than I was before!"

"I am really excited about the trip next year! The information evening was very interesting and I'm especially excited about visiting the schools and meeting the children."

CPS Meeting 1 in classroom"After hearing about all the things, we will be doing in Sri Lanka I am really excited. I can't wait to spend a week there learning about the culture. I'm really happy that I'm going on this trip with some of my best friends, but I'm quite anxious about fulfilling the fundraising goal! I really hope I can make a difference."

"We met the 2018 team and got to talk to them about their experience. It looked amazing, I can't wait to go on this once in a lifetime The 2018 team looked like they made so many unforgettable memories. I am so lucky to have this brilliant experience."


"I am really looking forward to the challenge of setting a new record. The thought that our journey starts now is a little daunting, but I know that no matter what happens, I will enjoy spending time with my friends, fundraising and meeting new people. Although I am worrying already about the food and the flights without my parents, I can't wait to get started!"

"Today marks the start of our journey. I am excited for this opportunity and can't wait for 2019."

CPS Meeting 1Ready to go"Just when I thought I was excited it's increased ten times. I'm so happy to be chosen and I feel so grateful."

"After hearing what everyone had to say I can't wait for next year and I wish it would come sooner. I can't wait to experience the culture and help out. As well as being super excited for the actual trip I am very nervous for both going to Sri Lanka and the preparation and fundraising over the next year. I hope we can make a difference to lives. I am still shocked and delighted to have been accepted on this trip and to have been given this opportunity."

"I am really excited about meeting all the school children!"

"I am really looking forward to start fundraising!"CPS Meeting 1 Fundraising

Meeting 2 - 29th November

"I can't wait to go!"

"I am really excited for this trip! Going to these schools and working with deaf people is going to be a very interesting, unique experience."
CPS Team

"We talked more in depth about what we will be doing in Sri Lanka. We sorted out our clothing sizes and thought a little bit about fundraising ideas and what we will do with the children. I'm very excited now."

"I am so excited, but I am nervous at the same time. We have already started raising money by selling raffle tickets to win a chance to go to the capital jingle bell ball."

"I wish I could be there already!"

"I can't wait to start planning activities, lessons and fundraising events!"

"I can't wait to start Friday Fundraising after Christmas!"

"It will be amazing to see how we can help the students and what the money we raise will go towards. I cannot wait!"

"I get more excited with each meeting! We got our fundraising pot and have started raising money. The trip is just starting to come alive!"

"I am really excited about the trip and this year leading up to it."

"I am optimistic about the trip and ready to face the challenge."

CPS team in for meeting


Meeting 3 - 9th January

"We got our t-shirts today! I can't wait and is strange to think we are going this year! I can't wait!"

"Everyone is getting excited and planning activities to do in the schools."

"We learned about what things we should pack, medical issues etc and we got our T-shirts today. I am eager to begin planning some fundraising events with my group."

"I have started planning how I can raise money. We received our official fundraising t-shirts at the meeting and am even more excited than before."

"Learning about preparations today only made it more real. We can tell it will be really fun."

"I have currently raised £108.30! I cannot wait to do more fundraising."

"I am looking forward to going to the elephant orphanage!"

"Now that we have been given our Ocean Stars t-shirts and taken the first group photo I feel like the journey has really begun. I cannot wait for the year ahead and the fundraising and planning before we finally go on the trip. I am excited to see how much money we can make to help out in Sri Lanka."