Teacher Training Workshop

A 3 day Teacher Training Workshop for 70 pre-school leaders

OceanStars :: Wednesday 24th July 2019 :: This Story

Ocean Stars is organising a teacher training seminar for 3 days for 70 preschool teachers some of whom travelled over 10 hours to attend.

The opening ceremony was reported in the Batti news on Friday 19 July. The project was organised by Ocean Stars UK and funded by Fonthill UK and Sunny-sid3 up.

The teachers are delighted to be able to be together and learn from each other as well as attend workshops.

Read about the preschool training and see more photos from the event.

Event details

Zeddy presenting awardDan presenting awardDilanee presenting award

Mrs Kalavelly led the preschool training on all the admin required by the preschool bureau. These included registers for attendance, minutes of parents meetings , teachers attendance , special needs records, resources inventory.

Admin requirementsWorkshop attendees