Hope House Pilot Sewing Machine Project

Launching our BUSINESS LOANS FOR SEWING MACHINES scheme today in Sri Lanka

Naomi Booth :: Monday 14th October 2019 :: This Story

Our Ocean  Stars Monitoring and Evaluation team in Sri Lanka lunched our BUSINESS LOANS FOR SEWING MACHINES scheme today 14.10.19 in Sri Lanka. A rigorous planning process has been ongoing for the past year and today saw the project come into fruition.

Zeddy Kibet our M&E Officer gave the Ladies basic business training on Financial Records and taught them about Business Management.

Picture: /files/latest-news/359/w288/sewing-machine-sri-lanka.jpg Picture: /files/latest-news/359/w288/business-loan-sri-lanka-sewing.jpg Picture: /files/latest-news/359/w288/business-management-instruction.jpg