Impact of Ocean Stars on a UK Volunteer

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Naomi Booth :: Monday 11th May 2020 :: This Story


NataliaAfter the Tsunami hit the southeast of Sri-Lanka, I was devastated by the amount of lives destroyed, not only by the personal injuries, parents and children disappearance, but by the wreckage that it was left behind.

I felt I needed to do something about it and decided to sponsor a few children and spread the word. They can do so much with such a small contribution! The most import thing to me was the fact that I knew that every penny was going to my children, nothing stayed on the way in the form of admin, marketing etc as many of the large charities do.

Two years ago, I decided to visit the area with OST. I was overwhelmed! There are no words to express the feeling when I met my sponsored children. Seeing pictures of them growing from young children to accomplished young adults and knowing that I contributed to rebuild their lives! There is not feeling quite like it.

OST has improved the quality of so many families. Thirteen years on and there is still so much to do.

There is a great feeling of satisfaction when you know you have helped to rebuild shattered lives.

I will always be grateful and proud to be a small part of the OST family.