Being part of Team 2

What impact has being in Team2 had on participants?

Naomi Booth :: Wednesday 13th May 2020 :: This Story

October 2019 Impact reflections


  • The Ocean Stars Lanka team were incredible. I could not have asked for a more prepared and organised team.
  • The What's app group chat was really helpful to keep in touch with the team and have any questions answered.
  • I was amazed at how extremely highly regarded Ocean Stars is across Sri Lanka.
  • I was struck by how everyone works so well together towards making sure Ocean Stars work has maximum impact.
  • I realised how much I take for granted back home.
  • I enjoyed the challenge of being constantly pushed outside my comfort zone.
  • A truly life-changing experience which I will never forget.

Team 2 making trip hats

  • I felt very supported by the UK and SL teams during the trip.
  • As a result of all our meetings, I felt very prepared for the trip.
  • I was able to see first-hand what an influence Ocean Stars has on the lives of so many children.
  • I have found myself in lots of new situations during the week and that has helped me develop my confidence no end.
  • I have learnt how to work with people who are so different to me.
  • I enjoyed being given responsibilities during the trip.
  • It was helpful having a mix of experience on the team.
  • The experience was unique and very special.
  • The OSL team were amazing in the way they worked together and their organisation as brilliant.
  • It is interesting to observe the impact the Child Development programme is having on the preschools that have been selected.
  • Making connections are an important part of this trip.
  • The organisation on the ground was excellent.
  • OST work is growing not just in terms of numbers but in quality of engagement as demonstrated by the Child Development Programme and Teacher Training.
  • Really good to be part of a diverse team of committed individuals.

Team 2 at the airport

  • The detail involved in organising a trip like this is incredible
  • We were warmly welcomed wherever we went.
  • A very tight schedule which was very well planned and managed.
  • Just being at the preschools the impact that Ocean Stars has on rural communities was evident.
  • I feel I learnt more from the children and the staff than they learnt from us about values and the human spirit.
  • It's been a brilliant trip. Enriching in so many ways.
  • The diversity of the people we worked with during the week: young and old, Tamil, Sinhalese, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim,  hearing impaired, UK, Sri Lankan......Just a mind blowing experience.