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Naomi Booth :: Friday 18th September 2020 :: This Story

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Ocean Stars Trust UK embraces The Global Goals set up five years ago by the UN General Assembly to give our planet a better future with targets and measurement indicators geared toward a date of 2030.

From today, Friday 18th September there will be a week of global action, awareness, and accountability for Sustainable Development Goals.

Ocean Stars will be sharing with our supporters some of the goals that we have been working towards.

Today it is: Goal 2: Zero Hunger

Here are some of the steps we have taken towards achieving this goal:

  • Setting up a breakfast project for a preschool where all the children did have access to breakfast in the morning.
  • Regular distribution of Food Parcels for the poorest of our preschool communities that do not have a regular income.
  • Working in partnership with World Vision Sri Lanka to set up a sustainable source of home-grown nutritional food for families below the poverty line.

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