Goal 6: Clean water and sanitation

Ocean Stars has created access to clean water at pre-schools with no access to clean water

Naomi Booth :: Thursday 24th September 2020 :: This Story

Ocean Stars will be sharing with our supporters some of the goals that
we have been working towards. Today it is: Goal 6: Clean Water and
Here are some of the ways in which we have achieved this goal.

  • OST provided every school with a water
    tank and foot pump sink so that all our students are
    now available to wash hands especially in the
    current COVID world.
  • Preschools that have no access to
    running water have had tube wells provided by
    OST, so children and the local community have
    access to running water.
  • Provide every preschool with a toilet.

See our Goal 6 flyer for the full picture.

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