250 challenge update!

Find out how supporters are raising funds and how you can join in!

Naomi Booth :: Thursday 3rd December 2020 :: This Story


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Wendy's Challenge

Wendy is making 250 masks and they are on sale for £3 a mask. If you would like to support Wendy and buy a masks as Christmas presents then please email us...

Wendy has now made £250 on her challenge and is carrying on her challenge. So if you would like to treat someone to an Ocean Stars mask over Christmas then please contact us on oceanstarstrust@gmail.com

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The Engin Family Update

Having completed the challenge successfully and raised over £600 for Ocean Stars the Engin family are now doing the challenge again to raise more funds for Ocean Stars. Thank you!

You can support the Engin family through JustGiving on:


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Donald &Jennifer Update

Donald and Jennifer from Belfast are cycling 250 miles. They have cycled to Nendrum and old monastic site and many of the islands on Strangford Loch, Lisburn, and the Lagan Towpath. Keep cycling Donald and Jennifer!!

Donald and Jennifer have raised £571 and are still cycling! Thank you!

You can support Donald and Jennifer through JustGiving on:


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Adriana Rodrigues Oswald

I am doing the 250- Rep challenge.

250 reps of bodyweight exercise every day for the next 21 days to help Ocean Stars Trust raise £10,000 for their work in Sri Lanka through education and social enrichment, sharing friendship, hope and joy. Ocean Stars is looking to raise funds to supply uniforms and school bags for 1,000 children as well as resources for 26 preschools across the country.

I'm hoping you can help me do my part in donating in sponsor of my efforts to help the charity offer communities in Sri Lanka a route out of poverty by supporting a range of educational and livelihood projects.

I 'm hoping you can help me do my part in helping the charity offer communities in Sri Lanka a route out of poverty. Any little bit helps!

I have raised £280 so far. Thank you for everyone who has supported me.