School Partnership

with Royal Hospital School (RHS) in Ipswich

Naomi Booth :: Monday 11th April 2022 :: This Story

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We are very pleased to say that Royal Hospital School (RHS) in Ipswich has partnered with a school in Sri Lanka through Ocean Stars Trust. Over the last year, RHS provided funds for Vigneswars Maha Vidyalam Mandoor to build a Smart Classroom.
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This was the Principal's dream wish for his students so they could access technology and be prepared for life in the 21st century. After a year of planning, the smart classroom was opened by Dilanee and John on Saturday. A big ceremony was planned by the local school community and attended by VIP guests from the Eastern Province educational office.
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We would like to thank Royal Hospital School for transforming the lives of hundreds of children in Sri Lanka. We look forward to the future when UK students will Zoom students from Sri Lanka and learn from one another!