Starting back at pre-school

After a few days off for the Sinhalese and Tamil New Year celebrations, Poya and Easter, all of our preschools started back today.

Naomi Booth :: Monday 18th April 2022 :: This Story

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The Ocean Stars Lanka team and Dilanee were back visiting preschools. In 2022 the charity took on 5 new preschools to support and today's visit was to one of them.
Situated in a remote village in the middle of nowhere, all the parents are daily wage earners whose livelihoods are lost whenever there is a crisis in Sri Lanka. The village elders came to meet the team and were very grateful for our support to their forgotten children.

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The team read books, sang and danced to the Hokey Cokey, chased bubbles, cuddled new teddies,  drank Milo and ate biscuits. Toothbrushes and toothpaste had been donated by UK donors. Knowing they had brought laughter and joy to the children, the team left after a very happy and hot morning.