Batticaloa to Trincomalee

and then onto Killinochchi

Naomi Booth :: Friday 22nd April 2022 :: This Story

The OSL team and Dilanee travelled from Batticaloa to Trincomalee and then onto Killinochchi - a journey of over 300km.
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In Trincomalee the team handed out uniforms to the preschool children and went shopping with the teachers to buy Abayas - the Muslim ladies working outfits. The teachers, Misna, Raisa and Riskana, talked to the team about the challenges of working during Ramadan when they fast from dawn to dusk - around 4am to 6pm in Sri Lanka. During this period they do not eat or drink and we talked about how challenging that is working in a hot classroom with 30+ children in the heat of a tropical morning. Their total commitment and self-discipline to fasting was an inspiration. Prayers are said at sunset and then a meal is shared with friends and family. Bells are rung at Mosques at pre-dawn to remind everyone it is time to have their meal before dawn.
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After the children had gone home, the team went shopping for Abayas for the teachers. This was followed by lunch of rice and curry before travelling onto Killinochchi - the team are excited to be back with the children at Mahadeva Children's Home.