To the countryside

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Naomi Booth :: Friday 29th April 2022 :: This Story

The team travelled for over an hour with our star driver, Sudha. Miles and miles of countryside with no people in sight, until finally in the distance there was a small building with blue shapes. The blue shapes turned out to be 37 small preschool children waiting to greet the team with flower garlands.
The team were reminded of the power of our work, reaching out to forgotten villages and giving children the best possible start to their education journey.

The building was too small for all the children so they sat on mats outside. They read stories, sang the hokey Cokey, blew bubbles, drank Milo and had an amazing morning with a truly inspirational community.

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The breakfast project makes sure the children have one nutritional meal per day. Seeing the children's faces light up when they were given a teddy to take home was a moment to treasure - another community grateful for our visit and the support of OST.

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