Life in Sri Lanka

Help our Ocean Stars communities survive these challenging times

Naomi Booth :: Friday 17th June 2022 :: This Story

Thank you to those who have responded to our June 2022 appeal. It is not too late to donate and help our Ocean Stars communities survive these challenging times. Our OSL staff talk about how they have been affected by the current situation in Sri Lanka. From left to right: Dishanthini, Chitra, Shalini and Salujah.

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The daily power cuts mean that our staff have to work without internet, plan zoom calls when there is electricity, phones run out of charge and computers lose their charge. There is no gas available in the country so in the office if they want a cup of tea, they have to boil water by lighting a fire outside. At home they can no longer use their gas cookers, so they cook using firewood. This means they have to get up at 4 am in order to cook before coming to work. As there is no rice or wheat flour, they no longer eat breakfast which in SL is usually made using flour. There are also food shortages or if food is available the prices have gone up exponentially that they can no longer afford the basic staples that make up their diet.

Shalini and Dishanthini both use motorbikes and have to spend every third day queuing for up to 6 hours to get petrol. This is because they are restricted to two days' fuel each time they fill up. Chitra and Salujah now walk to the office as tuctucs, and buses are no longer reliable.

Our staff are totally committed to their job and turn up to work every day as they are determined to support our communities. They make sure all our preschool children have a nutritious meal every day, and that our sponsor children and their families are coping and not suffering.

Your funds can help our staff provide breakfast for our preschool children who are going hungry, help our staff buy petrol which is going up in price every day.

Melanie, a supporter of Ocean Stars Trust currently in Sri Lanka reports: "Having been in Sri Lanka for nearly three weeks now I can say that things are worsening and likely to deteriorate further before they improve. Ocean Stars is a truly worthy cause and I'm pleased to support their great work. The people of Sri Lanka are amazing and appreciate all help offered. Times are hard in the Uk but this is on a different scale to the well done Dilanee and team."

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