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Naomi Booth :: Wednesday 29th June 2022 :: This Story

Picture: /files/latest-news/474/w288/k85-2.jpgAs we approach the last week of our June 2022 appeal, we would like to thank everyone who has supported our appeal. The funds raised by our appeal are going towards our communities in Sri Lanka suffering during the current economic crisis.

The situation is getting worse daily and there is currently no fuel left in the country. People are queueing for hours on end just to save their place in the queue for when there is fuel. Over 20 people have died in fuel queues. Food inflation is at 40% so even basic commodities like rice cannot be afforded by our Ocean Stars communities.

The funds raised so far have gone towards setting up 5 new breakfast projects at 5 preschools located in remote areas with high levels of poverty and food insecurity. The United Nations recently declared that 80% of Sri Lankan families are eating less or cheap food. Reduced paddy harvests from two consecutive seasons has already increased food insecurity.

Raventhran a sponsor child with Ocean Stars visited our office last week to speak to our staff about how difficult their life is currently. During the ethnic conflict, after the tsunami, during lockdown, though life was difficult but the problems they face today are unprecedented. His mother said that food shopping is a daily challenge. With 40% increase in food prices, she can no longer afford to buy rice for her family.

The 35% increase in fuel prices means that transport has become a daily challenge. Bus services are not regular so getting to work and to school is also a daily challenge. The children have to walk one hour to get to school.  Raventhran's mum has to queue for over 8 hours regularly to get fuel. She said that she does not have gas to cook daily meals for her family. She has to cook with firewood on open fires outside. Cooking three meals a day on open fires is very difficult. Sometimes she can only manage to cook one meal a day for her family. There are also no medicines and daily power cuts. Without the sponsorship money, she told our staff that her children would not have food to eat. She thanked Ocean Stars for giving her family hope in these dark times.

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