Saraswathy Pooja Day

Today in Sri Lanka

Naomi Booth :: Monday 3rd October 2022 :: This Story

Picture: /files/latest-news/482/w288/saraswati-1.jpgToday is Saraswathi Pooja day in Sri Lanka and our Ocean Stars Lanka preschool spent the day celebrating this Hindu festival in honour of the God of education. Goddess Saraswathi is the Hindu deity of knowledge, music, arts, wisdom and learning. 

 She forms an integral part of the trinity of the three Goddesses Lakshmi, Saraswathi and Parvati. These divine forms assist the trinity of Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma to create and maintain the Universe. The mention about Goddess Saraswathi is found in the ancient Hindu scriptures of Rigveda. This Goddess is revered not only by the Hindus but even the Buddhists and the Jains.

The children dressed in traditional clothes and had a special meal as well as honouring God Saraswathi with flowers.  It is also a common practice by students to pile up books, pens and writing material in front of the deity and seek her blessings on this festival day. The Goddess of wisdom, Saraswathi is clad in a white or shiuli flower dyed yellow or basanti coloured saree.

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