Child Development Programme

1000 children were assessed three times during the year.

Naomi Booth :: Wednesday 1st March 2023 :: This Story

Picture: /files/latest-news/498/w288/stick-glue.jpgOST has introduced a Child Development Programme and in 2022 over 1000 children were assessed three times during the year. The data obtained from the results of the Tool informs our planning for the following year.

At the beginning of February our students had fun creating bunny rabbits and swans using cotton wool while learning to stick items with glue!


Last week our students learnt about objects that fly and spin. They had fun making their own kites and flying them in the playground or local park. The students used palm leaves to make objects that spin, as well as kites. Ocean Stars Trust aims to provide a high-quality Early years Learning experience for all our students.

Picture: /files/latest-news/498/w288/counting.jpgThis week first assessment for 2023 has begun and as part of the Mathematical Development Tool the students have to demonstrate they can count from 1-10.

Find out more about our Child Development Programme here.