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Naomi Booth :: Friday 19th May 2023 :: This Story

Sama Band Batti, Sri LankaThe Head of Music at Calthorpe Park School, Mr Ross Walker, is one of the teachers who accompany the groups of 25 students who visit Sri Lanka with Ocean Stars Trust. CPS have visited Sri Lanka six times and plans are underway for their seventh visit in October 2023.
Mr Walker takes Samba drums to Sri Lanka and introduces Samba drums to the students at the link schools he visits. After the visit, he leaves the Samba sets with the schools. These Samba Bands have built up a reputation Picture: /files/latest-news/509/w288/samba2.jpgin Batticlaoa and the surrounding villages and the school bands are often invited to opening ceremonies and official functions.
If you are a teacher at a Secondary School in the UK and would like to take your students on a life-changing experience to Sri Lanka please contact us on