Preschool annual markets

Helping preschool students learn

Naomi Booth :: Sunday 14th May 2023 :: This Story

Ocean Stars Trust runs 30 preschools in Sri Lanka with over 1000 students accessing Early Education. Most of our preschools are located in remote villages and would otherwise not have had an Early Years education.

Parents and students are encouraged to organise an annual market and sell their own produce. The students learn about vegetables and fruit. They also learn about money and the process of buying and selling. Here are some photos of markets that were held recently. These markets are open to the whole village or community.

Picture: /files/latest-news/511/w288/market4.jpg Picture: /files/latest-news/511/w288/market5.jpg Picture: /files/latest-news/511/w288/market1.jpg Picture: /files/latest-news/511/w288/market2.jpg