Meeting face-to-face

With the OSL team

Chris Booth :: Wednesday 19th July 2023 :: This Story

After 8 months of weekly zoom meetings, the Ocean Stars Lanka team and Dilanee were delighted to meet face to face! Meeting members of the Ocean Stars UK Board means a lot to our staff on the ground. They were eager to show Dilanee the office and their workstations.

Together they looked at a summary of all the work that had been completed during the last 6 months from January to June 2023:

  • 92 visits have been made to our 30 preschools.
  • 16 visits made to our Hope House projects.
  • 108 sponsor children have visited our office.
  • 72 sponsor home visits have been completed.
  • 38 meetings have been attended to that have been run by the local government and the preschool bureau.
  • 50 visits to monitor our playground project.

We are very proud of our Ocean Stars Lanka team and we would like to thank them for their hard work and dedication!

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