Help us by recycling!

Thanks for Ester and Terracycle

Naomi Booth :: Tuesday 1st August 2023 :: This Story

Help Esther and her daughter raise money for Ocean Stars by dropping off any of the below items to 22 Shetland Way, Fleet, GU51 2UD - please leave in the green bin as pictured. They will be recycling the items through TerraCycle. What a fantastic and unique way of fundraising!! ?

Picture: /files/latest-news/538/w288/terracycle.jpg

  • Broken or damaged toys
  • Flexible Cheese pouches
  • Sliced cheese protective film
  • Plastic nets for mini cheeses
  • Fabric conditioner bottles and tops
  • Flexible laundry capsule and pod packaging
  • Flexible wipe packaging with integrated rigid plastic
  • Lenor tumble dry sheets
  • Plastic air freshener containers
  • Plastic chocolate and sweet pouches and bags and multi pack wrappers
  • Individual chocolate bar wrappers and block wrapper
  • Non-savoury biscuit wrappers
  • Cracker wrappers
  • Cake wrappers

If you would like to fundraise for Ocean Stars, email us at for more info!