Kilmiya’s story

Could you be our next Sponsor and shine a light on a child in Sri Lanka?

Naomi Booth :: Monday 27th November 2023 :: This Story

Picture: /files/latest-news/587/w288/photo-2021-06-23-06-27-27.jpgSponsorship is a key focus area of the work of Ocean Stars Trust empowering children through education in Sri Lanka. For the cost of  £15 a month / £180 per annum sponsorship changes and transforms the life of a family in Sri Lanka and also enriches the life of the Sponsor. We currently have 142 children who are benefitting from our sponsorship programmes. We have waiting lists of children who have been referred to us by the local government and social services waiting to be sponsored. Could you be our next Sponsor and shine a light on a child in Sri Lanka?

Here is Kilmiya's story:

I am Kilmiya and I was sponsored by Ocean Stars since I was 5 years old. When I was growing up I was able to go to extra classes and buy books and school equipment thanks to my sponsorship money. My UK sponsor also came to visit me and that made me feel very happy. My father is a fisherman, so our family income is very low. I was the first woman from my village to go to University. I attended the University of Jaffna and did a Degree in Bio Sciences and I graduated with a 2.1 degree this year. During lockdown when I was at home I found it very difficult to access online learning. Ocean Stars helped me by providing me with a laptop which transformed my University life. I was able to access online science practical classes and keep up with my studies. I hope to now go onto qualify as a science teacher and also study for a Pharmacy Diploma. Thank you Ocean Stars for supporting me in my education journey.

If you would like to sign up to our Sponsorship Programme then please either visit our website using the following link : or get in touch.

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