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School uniforms give children a sense of provide as they feel a sense of belonging to a place.

Naomi Booth :: Tuesday 19th December 2023 :: This Story

Picture: /files/latest-news/592/w288/photo-1.jpgAt Ocean Stars we provide around 1000 uniforms each year for our preschool. An Ocean Stars Uniform costs £8.50 and a school bag costs £5.00.

Why not offer a child who cannot afford a uniform or a school bag a gift of these items and transform their lives?

As Christmas draws near and we begin to think about gifts for family and friends why not have a look at our Ocean Stars Gift Catalogue? Purchasing a
gift from our catalogue can transform the life of a child, a family, a preschool, a teacher and are gratefully received by all our recipients in Sri Lanka.

Here is the link to the Gift Catalogue on our website:
Gift Catalogue