Sri Lanka Week

At Dogmersfield Primary School

Naomi Booth :: Monday 11th March 2024 :: This Story

Picture: /files/latest-news/606/w288/ost3.jpgDogmersfield Primary School recently had a Sri Lanka week where the students spent the week learning about Sri Lanka. The week was launched with an assembly where students came dressed in the colours of the Sri Lanka flag. The teachers wore sarees and sarongs for the day and a traditional lamp was lit to mark the beginning of Sri Lanka week.

During the week the students read Sri Lankan stories, sampled Sri Lankan food, did craft activities, and learnt about Sri Lanka dance and music. The children learnt greetings and numbers 1-10 in Sinhalese and Tamil - the main languages of Sri Lanka.

Dogmersfield is linked with Sri Murugan preschool - one of the 30 preschools supported by Ocean Stars Trust. A huge thank you to the Headteacher, Mrs Nicholass, the staff, students and parents of Dogmersfield Primary School for bringing Sri Lanka to Dogmersfield for the week!
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