Rangoli Patterns

During Sri Lanka week at Dogmersfield Primary School

Naomi Booth :: Wednesday 13th March 2024 :: This Story

During Sri Lanka week the students at Dogmersfield Primary School created Rangoli Patterns using crayons and coloured rice and displayed them in the classrooms. Rangoli represents happiness, positivity and liveliness of a household and is intended to welcome Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and good luck.

Traditionally, Rangoli is an art of decoration drawn on the floor or the entrances of homes. It is thought to bring good luck, prosperity on the house and in the family and to welcome guests. Some mothers in India do this activity every morning, or on a special festive occasion like Diwali, Onam, and Pongal.

It is believed that making rangoli on an auspicious day brings prosperity and good luck in the family. Rangoli is prepared from different items such as flour, rice, flowers and colours. People make different patterns and designs at the front of their door and other places inside the house.

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