Thanks to students and teachers

who volunteer for Ocean Stars Trust

Naomi Booth :: Wednesday 5th June 2024 :: This Story

As part of our week celebrating Volunteer Week 2024, we would like to thank all the students from Calthorpe Park School and other schools and Universities in the UK who have since 2005 given up their time to visit Sri Lanka and offer their time and skills to the local communities that we work with.

Thousands of schoolchildren have benefited from these visits in the UK and Sri Lanka. Funds raised by our volunteers have meant that 6 new preschools, two new music rooms, a special needs classroom, two preschool kitchens, three playgrounds have been built over the years. 6 Samba Bands have been established in schools in the Eastern Province. Some of the feedback we receive includes the following: an unforgettable time, I feel inspired by the work of Ocean Stars Trust. The charity is having a positive impact on the local communities. They have so little but give us so much in the way of friendship and human warmth and welcome.

If you would like to Volunteer with Ocen Stars Trust and make a difference to our communities then please contact us

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