Small Charity Week

Celebrate with us!

Naomi Booth :: Monday 24th June 2024 :: This Story

Picture: /files/latest-news/633/w288/logo.pngThis week Ocean Stars along with all Small Charities in the UK is celebrating Small Charity Week. In the UK a small charity is a voluntary organisation with a social or charitable purpose with an annual income of less than £1 million. This includes registered charities, community groups, community interest companies (CICs) and other structures.

Small Charity Week aims to: 

  • celebrate the contribution that small charities make to communities throughout the UK and across the world 
  • improve the knowledge, representation and sustainability of small charities 
  • highlight the work of the small charity sector to the broadest possible audience 
  • encourage public giving 
  • work with the small charity sector to develop political engagement at a national and local level. 

As a small organisation we are  able to pivot, change, adapt, and innovate on a quicker, speedier scale than a larger one. Lived experience is one of the key features of OST. As we at OST have greater involvement of people with lived experience the founding, running, volunteering for, and governing of the charity are done by people passionate about the work we do.

Helen Buckley, Communications Manager, Association of Chairs, reflects that  "Small projects are often born out of, and sustained by, passion for a cause, meaning the people involved have a vested interest and real experience of the issues they are tackling."

Human connections play a key role in our charity and the authenticity and understanding that this brings is something we treasure at Ocean Stars Trust.

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