Pre-trip thoughts from the airport

Matt Marshall :: Monday 8th March 2010 :: This Story

At the airport going to Sri Lanka

It seems such a close memory that I sat in the costa in terminal 4 of heathrow, passing the time until we could board the flight to a completely unknown place. I had no idea then how much of an effect Sri Lanka and its people would have on me, but here I am again, less than half a year later, a few yards from the same costa, waiting to get on the plane. Throughout the trip last year, the blog served us all as a way of sharing what we were going through and helped us all in some way to process it for ourselves. I hope to use this blog for very much the same purpose, perhaps as much for myself as for others: what lies in front of me will no doubt be an exciting and life-changing experience and I am so glad to have a way to share it with those of you who are reading and supporting me.

For mums benefit I have attached a picture of my self at the airport.

I hope to speak to you on the other side of the long-haul flight!