Day 2 Grace Children’s Home

The team visit Grace children's home

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A summary of the day

Left JC villages at 7.00 after “English breakfast”.  Smoothish ride over mostly new roads still being built by local men and women, tarring away in hard hats and flipflops.  Around 9.30 we arrived at Grace Children’s home and were greeted smilingly by some of the boys.  After drunk our cokes  we were straight into activities playing with the boys – Frisbees, cricket, foam aeroplanes and whatever.

Running races at Grace childrens homeThen Maggi took over with her fantastic range of races and relays involving an hour of team-forming, cheerleading, balloons, beanbags,coloured papers and sweat. All played with a lot of great humour and competitiveness and light-hearted cheating.

And everyone got a medal, and of course some Scottish saltires.  After that time for cricket and walking around the newly furnished “peace –garden”, which boys tend daily.

Lunch – a superb one of many curries – was consumed late because everyone was having such fun.

Children's art project Grace children's homeAfter lunch it was Kate’s art project and one by one the boys got into it and produced some wonderful evocative stuff. Most intrigued by my little lad who took ten minutes to start, but once I had dipped his brush in the poster red paint, was off and away, copying my abstract shapes I was absentmindedly slamming on to my canvas. And taking just as long as I did.

Games followed: Connect4, Uno and the like, and it got hot in that little “classroom”.
We spoke to Mrs N, and also to the resident Pastor, Chairman of the Home (who also interviewed Dilanee for his magazine).  We finished with prize-giving and birthday party cakes for Pastor (50) and Mrs N (a sprightly 75). Then renditions by the boys in the chapel, fond farewells and dashes to the minibuses through the inevitable monsoon that started at 6pm.

Back to hotel at 9.15 and straight to spicy noodles. Staff meeting over dinner, a bit of prep for Trinco tomorrow… and our 6am breakfast!

Lydia’s thoughts

What a lovely day at Grace!. The boys were so welcoming and it was great fun getting to know some of them. I think the best thing was seeing how they along with each other and how much they love Mrs Nadarajah. She has made a lovely home for them.


It was great to return! Visiting again with Mrs N and the boys, playing games, listening to them laugh, painting pictures – it was such a busy day. I continue to be inspired by Mrs N’s love and commitment to the boys. It’s now a happy, peaceful place and it’s encouraging to see that OST’s commitment over the years has brought change and improvement to the boys lives. As per usual, they gave lots of love and warmth to us and it was difficult to say goodbye.
Yet again a very special day and I’ll treasure the memories.


What an amazing place! A sense of calm prevailed all day yet all the boys had so much fun, playing together in silly potted sports. The lads are so polite and loved the individual attention given to them. It’s quite humbling that a few games made from paper, plus one or two card board games, and paint and paper means so much to them. We take so much for granted.
Very emotional leaving the boys. They were very affectionate.


Cheering on the runners in Sri LankaI had a wonderful day, the boys and Mrs N were so welcoming and friendly and they seemed to lead happy lives, even though they do not have much in the way of individual possessions. The lunch was delicious, and the boys are so confident singing to us. It was a full day and I will never forget it!


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