Day 3, Trinco and the Jungle Lodge

Day 3 Trinco, the Playgroup at Vellaimanil, and the Jungle Lodge

OceanStars :: Tuesday 25th October 2011 :: This Story

Away from our hotel by 06.45.  Arrived at the playgroup by 09.30, and up the steps to see 35 litll'uns seated in a horseshoe in front of us, with Mums peering over the wall into the room.

Children at Trinco nursery Sri Lanka.jpgThey sang us a range of songs mostly in pretty good English, and then Maureen took over and led the party with Elmer-inspired songs and games. All followed heartily with the Team joining in. Then as the sun beat down Maggi and others took some out to play games outside, whilst others were photographed in the hope of finding sponsors at home.

Textiles were bought at the sewing project afterwards. Then to various homes to deliver gifts from sponsors. I delivered to Joan Tasker's child with Janine and Kate. This was a Moslem fisherman's family with 5 children, the sponsored one being the penultimate one. They live like many others in a post-tsunami new house. Father goes some 40 minutes on a bus to his boat, to start at dawn at 6.00. He usually return 13 hours later, having hopefully caught 1 or 2 big tuna fish. These can weigh up to 80 kg.

Others brought back stories from their visits.

Then to Jenabdeen's house - coordinator here of the programme. A sumptuous lunch of curried seafood (crab, prawn, etc). A quick trip to the local coast of Dead Man's Cove (only the British can think of names like these), presently a military area, but we were let through to see one of the nine OST boats moored there - as well as seeing fantastic blue seawater.

Now to Rohan's Jungle Lodge, a real treat. On the way our minibus lingered by the road as we spied a dozen elephants down in the valley. Wonderful sight!

It took two land-rovers, on a treacherous track to drive us to the hideaway. Sadly no elephants, but up on the rock we could have seen the whole world. Bit like the Lion King I thought. Good drinks, a nice chat, and another sumptuous curry - string hoppers, chicken, bread fruit, potato, sambol, jack fruit.

Earlier night tonight 10ish before packing for Batti.