Day 4 Travel to Batti and Opening of Little Stars

Day 4: To Batticaloa and “Little Stars”

OceanStars :: Tuesday 25th October 2011 :: This Story

A lot of travel: 2 hours to get some chips at Polonnaruwa (where notably Queen Elizabeth 2 visited for chips in 1954), another 2 hours to Joseph's hotel (AvonLea – "A home from home") at Batti. Then, after a break, another 2 hours to get to Little Stars playgroup, which Matt had been independently instrumental in founding, in the middle of nowhere, down a long rough track from the main road surrounded by paddy fields.


Dan's notes

After a fabulous day at Trinco, the team were summoned to breakfast at 0630. As Dilanee stated today: "Tired doesn't come into Ocean Stars vocabulary." The day involved a lot of travelling: we left at 7.30, and with a brief stop for French Fries which involved a stunning view of Sri Lanka's mountainous landscape, we arrived at Joseph's for 11.30.

Our main event of the day was the opening of "Little Stars" nursery, which has been built over the past year and funded by OST team member Matt Marshall. The playgroup was located about 30 minutes' from the main road along sandy tracks often pitted with huge holes which made Suda think twice about carrying on. We were welcomed with garlands by the waiting women and children and a purple ribbon across the entrance. The ceremony inside involved lighting of the lamp by various members of the community, and speeches by Dilanee Matt and The Local Pastor, with Ranchan (of Ocean Stars Lanka) providing the translations. All were greatly received, and emotionally delivered on what was a very special day for Matt and OST as a whole.

The journey to the playgroup was rather adventurous, as it involved completely-packed vans and very mischievous roads – resulting in a very bumpy ride!

As I write, the team is preparing for all the fun and games tomorrow in the playgroups.