Day 6: Openings and Toppings Out

Day 6: Openings and Toppings Out

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A later start saw us driving to Karaveddy first. Past familiar paddy fields and more paddy fields across the flat terrain we arrived to a welcome of some 60-70 mix of mothers grandmothers and tots. A novelty this time was being paraded in to the new playgroup building by a minor percussion band. The building itself was smaller than its predecessor that had been made unusable by the January floods, indeed a similar size to those other new ones we’d visited.

Ocean Stars Trust opens a new nursery in Sri Lanka
Danny, who had provided the funds to rebuild the playgroup, had the honour of cutting the ribbon. Then it was some very thoughtful speeches by the locals, but a bit too far for 3-4 year olds who were simply waiting for the orange and biscuits. Danny's speech captured the mood - short and to the point!

Afterwards some gifts to the kids – flags and balloons - a good look at the well that Danny had also financed, then off to Mandoor.

Mandoor 1, that is. A notable achievement noted by all in the midday 30 degree heat, of the 28 feet well recently completed, to match the toilet also financed by The Bunches – “Bunches Bogs”.

A new toiletAt the new well in Sri Lanka

Bunches Bogs... and Wells

Ocean Stars opens another new nursery in Kurumunvely, Sri LankaThen to Kurumunvely, the playgroup next to the Methodist church in the town of that name, where Collingwood College is supporting the extension build. A reception from the teachers and church workers (today is Diwali, a holiday, and therefore no school). Extension not yet completed as it was decided that the extension should go a little further to support the 52 tots who are registered.  Thus more funds required! So we called it a “topping out” ceremony to celebrate part of the roof being erected.


This classroom is just too smallThe too small classroom for 56 tots!

Interesting roads along the way. Included a recently collapsed bridge where the roadway around it was flooded.  More skill from our drivers!

Evening; entertained by the Deaf and Dumb group at Kalladay.